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Can you really achieve anything you want if you work hard and have self-belief?

because i want to become a singer but i am starting to get the feeling that im just being stupid and naive...

i love music and love to make it the only thing is my singing voice is gone because the past 3 years i have been neglecting it and myself and now im better - im talking to vocal coach and were setting something up together so i can learn to sing again

but Can you really achieve anything you want if you work hard and have self-belief - i mean im saying 'what so special about me' - and just i am doubting myself a lot...

what do you think

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    You can achieve a lot in life by sheer determination and ambition and the will to succeed but this doesn't necessarily apply to the arts and to becoming a singer... because you are born with a gift.. that needs to be trained and a lot of hard work needs to be put into it to make it perfect. A singer usually has a talent from a small age onwards.. some call it a gift and some call it a talent, but it's there in the raw from the beginning and some work hard on it, because to become a successful singer you have to have that talent and you cannot just get that by sheer determination if the talent to sing is not there and you are tone deaf. but if you got that talent then you need to work hard on it... Find someone who supports you in your ambition and it's daily training of your voice and hard work a lot of it and to make it to the top and to stay at the top that is also due to luck and hard work some artists have the drive but they may be at the top of the charts for a while and then they drop and get forgotten.. so for someone who makes this into a lasting career it takes talent, drive and luck and someone who is the right supporter and someone to discover them.. but most other things you can achieve with wanting to put all your effort into it...that is a good way to make the first step to achieve a goal.. but when it comes to singing or dancing or the arts.. you need to be a bit realistic.. you need to ask yourself ''Do I really have the talent?'' that is not something can learn that is just something you can lean to improve. If you have the talent you need to believe in yourself!

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    If you really want to find out if your singing is going well, search around for any singing/talent contests/competitions that are coming close to you and try to attend (as in, perform) there. The judges will usually give you an un-biased view of your performance and you'll soon see if you're great, could be great, or should give up.

    Practise makes perfect, but you need the foundation to build on (and singing is a hard business to get into)

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    you gotta have talent, work hard and make the right connections,

    good luck

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