If The Undertaker never became the American BadA**, what stage of his Undertaker gimmick would he be at? + WQs?

So after the Minister of Darkness he became the Hybrid (mixture of all previous) aka Phenom in 2000-2003 (if he still had a break then).

Question: From 2004-Current, what gimmick do you think he would have?

I think he would be based on a Ghoul, a soul eater, of sorts.

WQ1: Do you think he still would've "put over" (jobbed) to Brock Lesnar during 2002 and 2003?

WQ2: Do you think this would've affected his WrestleMania matches at WrestleMania X-Seven, WrestleMania X8 and WrestleMania XIX?

A short, brief answer from me for the BA's:

WQ1: I think he would've won more than he did, but invariably "lose" the feud (with a 2-3 win/loss) but Lesnar's push would've been more meaningful, it wasn't just running through a hurdle, he would have to jump it.

WQ2: I do because, for example, WrestleMania X-Seven, against Triple H, that feud was about respect and being the best. "My Yard vs My World".

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    Great question.

    I think he would be based on a vampire ghoul type of person. Someone like Gangrel but with a ghoul type of gimmick. He can play anything good,from a deadman to a jack@$$,Undertaker can truly do his job as any gimmick he gets.

    WQ1: Undertaker was too big of a star to be jobbing to another big star at the time. It wouldn't make any sense either. Thats like Goldust walking out of wrestlemania a WWE Champion when hes been jobbing for some years. But yeah Undertaker has already done alot and he made Brock into a huge superstar.

    WQ2: This really made me think. But it would have a 50/50 impact. There would be no riding motorcycles down the ramp and no Limp Bizkit playing Undertaker to the ring. But 50% the other because he was in the middle of his WrestleMania streak and one gimmick change,in this case different gimmick change wont change the fact that his streak wont end.

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    4 years ago

    because of the fact all his followers enjoyed his Deadman character, that's the excellent gimmick creation via Mr.McMahon ever when you consider that Hulk Hogan. additionally, as American BadAss, Undertaker replaced into used to lose diverse fits. together as, because of the fact the DeadMan, Undertaker infrequently ever loses, particularly on PPVs. seem at 2008, he merely lost two times, one via TKO, and one in a TLC journey. He gained 7 circumstances. In 2007, he merely lost 4 circumstances, at Armageddon 2007shouldn't remember coz he wasn't the guy who get pinned in Triple threat journey. So, each and each of how he's greater because of the fact the DeadMan.

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