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    歌名:Talkin' Talk

    專輯:Talkin' Talk


    Just let me have my flow!

    talkin-talk is not just talk

    being there is half the walk

    if you wanna know yourself / stay with me

    you gotta do the talkin¡¦ talk

    I try to reach you

    get right

    down to the issue

    we¡¦re not

    happy with how it is today

    sure, there are happy days and

    good things to dwell upon but

    when you are mad you walk away

    you call me baby and I

    just shrug my shoulders because there¡¦s

    something important on my mind

    don¡¦t wanna pick a fight but

    we don¡¦t see eye to eye and

    we really need to get things straight.

    so what! if we disagree

    don¡¦t wanna change you

    I don¡¦t want you on your knees

    are you afraid your loving

    will fade away

    whenever deep talk is released?

    communication, baby,

    that¡¦s what I claim today

    it don¡¦t have to be bad

    I wanna know your mind

    and you to be into mine

    so we can get ahead

    can we talk?

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    豆豆 XDDDDD

    那題我檢舉成功了耶 ~ 萬歲 ^^ Y

    別難過捏 迷姐捨不得 QQ

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