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阿益 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 10 years ago


Hello~everyone,My name is Shawn,I am living in 板橋(幫翻一下)

and I am intersted in wresting,it always makes me excited

My Summer Vacation is playing computer game.playing online game and sleeping...

I waste my life in vacation again....

I seldom go outside,because Taiwanese summer is so hot

and road is not balance

I like litsing music,but I can not sing anyone

by the way,I tell you a good news,I am single now

so,I hope I can making many friends in this class

OK,thankyou so much!


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  • 10 years ago
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    Hello, everyone, My name is Shawn, I am living in Banciao(避免使用過多的 I, 故使用分詞構句,而刪除 I am), and I am interested in wresting, for (意思同於because, 因下文已用該字,故於此改用for )it always makes me excited

    My summer vacation I is playing played computer game , playing online game, and sleeping slept and did something else except homework in all my summer vacation

    I wasted my life in vacation once again....

    I seldom go outside, because Taiwanese Taiwan’s (如”台灣的某種東西”之”台灣的”應使用Taiwan’s , Taiwanese 用來指”台灣人” “台灣話”等 意思不同)summer is so hot and the roads is are not balance flat.

    I like litsing listening music, but I can not sing anyone any song,

    by the way, I like to tell you a good news that(that後可接補述文句,不必如原句,以逗句頓開,如此前後句意思較不連貫) I am single now,

    so, I hope I can make (can 後必須使用原形動詞)many friends in this class

    OK, That is all, thank you so much for your listening!

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