Scabies and Bed bugs?

Okay, so this isn't for me, this is for my fiance. He has just realized that what has been biting him this month has been bed bugs. Of course, Ive been searching throughout Google for answers, but I'm ending up here as a result to not knowing if anyone knew what we were talking about. I understand that Scabies and Bed Bugs are 2 different things, however he seems to have both to me. But I am not sure, I dont even know what the bites look like or anything (he lives in another state than me). Anyway, he has just gotten rid of ALL the furniture including the mattress he was sleeping on and the house seems a little more at peace for now...But of course, I told him they could still be on the carpet and other places as well...The apartment complex he lives in is known for having these kinds of infestations apparently, he went around a few homes to try and find out whose giving them to who, and a few people have mentioned it - including the neighbor upstairs from him. Anyway, what I want to know is if what hes feeling now is normal for people with Bed bug bites or if he also has scabies. He feels a sensation of bugs crawling on his one arm. He looked at pictures of scabies online, and it looks NOTHING Like his bites, he says his bites look more like bedbug bites. But yet he has the symptoms, so I'm not sure. I know that every case of bed bugs is very different from the next but maybe someone has the same story? I mean, if it is scabies, is there anything over the counter he could use? Or is this just a normal symptom from bed bug bites? Also, he wants me to ask, does anyone think that tapatio will help the itching/getting rid of them? Thank you so much!

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    It's not likely, although possible that your boyfriend has scabies and bed bugs. Bed bug bites are actually an allergic reaction that should go away in 3 to 5 days, although it is possible in rare cases that it takes up to 14 days. Bed Bug bites have a clear center, the point where the bed bug punctured the skin. A simple anti-itch insect cream or one made for bed bug bites would help the itch. You can also check his mattress for brown specs or spots. These are left behind by bed bugs - see picture in resource.

    Scabies on the other hand is caused by a mite burrowing under the skin. You'd see scabies on the bottoms of the feet and other areas of the body, but odds are it would be localized to an area vs. appearing in those areas that are exposed during sleep.

    In terms of treatment, this is more difficult. It sounds like bed bugs have entered your fiance's apartment. Since they move from apartment to apartment, just treating his unit may slow them down a bit, but will not stop the problem. Also because he is allergic to the bites, it becomes even more important, as scratching could lead to secondary skin infections.

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    Scabies don't actually bite but the rash is an allergic reaction to them burrowing in your body. They use permethrin cream to treat it but the over the counter form is only 1 percent and is used for lice. The prescription is 5 percent and you need an appt with a doctor to get this. The landlord would need to get an exterminator if it's bed bugs so it's best to get this diagnosed. It would be good for him to get more info from neighbors to see if they have bed bugs. I don't think he'd have both.


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