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What users on this section are informed? Meaning what users for certain can you rely on to give a good answer.?

A good answer consists of a good explanation + legitimate sources, at least 2 or 3.

Can you name them?

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    Reality has a liberal bias

    Caribou Quit Barbie

    Optimus Prime (aka Lord Megatron)



    Mostly all Democrats...like 2% of republicans

  • I can think of a couple users, although I can't remember their names. sources are useless on this forum though. If it doesn't say what the other person wants to hear(or read) then they immediately accuse the source of being biased.

    To be fair, informed users are not limited to right or left wing. There's some intelligent liberals and some intelligent conservatives.

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    No, what's in a name? when they can simply change it. Just look at their stats, if they hide their questions and answers, then you know they're fakes that probably answer their own questions for points.

    Most of the replies are trolls or toadies, but it's pretty easy to spot the few odd balls that actually have a brain as they do provide logic, evidence, and legit sources.

    Source(s): years of sarcasim, distain, and frequent masterbation.
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    There's some guy named Kevin, his avatar is a dude with a white beard. He's pretty smart and very well informed. Also, a lady who goes by "Momo's hot cupcakes" or something like that is very smart.

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    JustGoodFolk and Travis Anderson are couple goodn's.

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    A good explanation AND two or three sources?


    I found her profile for you...

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    If I don't know the answer, I can give you a convincing lie.

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    Conservatives, libertarians and independents. The lbierals like caribou barbie and reality has a liberal bias has no clue as to what the hell they are talking about. They suck on that obama kool aid

  • Me of course.

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