Diabetics- What do you wish you had?

my best friend and ii want to start a charity sort of thing for diabetics. my best friend is a diabetic herself which is one of the reasons why we're doing this, but we want other diabetics' opinions. what would be beneficial to you as a diabetic, male or female? we were thinking something along the lines of a specially mad bag/purse for diabetes supplies and other things but want other ideas, please help! even if your not diabetic, share your ideas! thank you! xoxo


Lucy W: what kind of supplies?

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  • Monica
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    I think a few of your responders came up with the best idea. The diabetics who would benefit most from a charity need items that are going to help keep them alive, like insulin and test strips. I know giving them purses and fancy gadgets are more fun, but then I don't think you could call it a charity.

    As far as my wishes go, I'd wish for a CGMS for my 5 year old type 1 so I don't have to worry so much about her going low at night.

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    Hey first of all, to Hannah who answered about the thigh pump carriers, I have the Animus Ping pump and I have one of those thigh thingys that I wear and if you put it towards the inside of your thigh, you really can't see it. There's a great website called pumpwearinc.com that you can get a lot of things to help you hide your pump.

    Now for the girls trying to start a charity, I think the bag idea is a really cute idea and if you somehow attach like a checklist to it with everything that a diabetic needs such as shots, glucagon shot, sugar cubes, insulin, pump sites and cartridges...And also put in like an ice pack so that the insulin will stay cold.

    I think the idea is great and thanks for anything and everything you are doing!

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    Well, I'm going to be starting my senior year this year, and I plan on attending prom 2011.

    I would like to make thigh straps for insulin pumps more widely available. They're used to disguise the "pump lump" (as I affectionately call the box that is clearly visible under dresses) that occurs when you try and wear your pump normally, clipped onto your underwear, under a dress.

    Smaller breasted women like me can't put the pump in our bras. ;)

    This may sound simple to someone else, but I really think thigh straps that hold an insulin pump could be very useful.

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  • Annie
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    1 decade ago

    Good question.

    Since a cure is not in the near future, what I would like is an accurate non-invasive meter that I can wear as a band without having to prick my fingers....Key word being accurate.

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    Diabetic supplies are always welcome. I don't need a bag or what ever, I assume you mean, to keep supplies and things in.

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    Testing strips!! They are very expensive and most insurances doesnt cover most strips!

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