when determining compatibility, do you find the rising sign important? what placements do you compare?

i've noticed I can get along with someone who is Pisces rising or Aries rising just as well. so i don't think that the rising is important for compatibility. is it just me? i look at sun, moon, Venus and mercury the most. sometimes mars


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    I really don't pay attention to the ascendant at all. The ascendant is almost less than skin deep in my opinion, so it tends not to be very important past the first or second meeting.

    (This is just my own general sequence...it's an art and every reader will be different in their focus)

    I look for planets in the 7th to tell what issues need to be worked out between the people. The planets characteristics often mimic the mate's characteristics.

    I look at the Moon and Sun compatibility, which provides the stability (not the Saturn), then the Venus and Mars compatibility, which provides the romance and attraction;

    I look at what house the Sun falls into the other's chart to see where this person makes the other "shine";

    I look at where the Neptune falls in the other's chart to see if there's soft aspects there (when the one partner romanticizes the other, they tend to stay together longer because they are more forgiving and accepting of each other);

    I look for Venus contact to anothers Moon or lunar south node to see if there is any past life connection;

    I look at the compatibility between the Mercury placements (most problems can be overcome with good communication, so Mercury is actually very important there);

    I look at Mars in contact with the other's moon or nodes (this can tell me if one is capable of dealing with the others anger and if the passion level between them is compatable or overwhelming to the other);

    then I look at transits and at the Vertex because I'm curious to see if its a "fated" relationship, etc.

    If there's a clue there that it might be a past life thing, then I'll look at the Saturn and 12th house.

    I think that the ascendant is important in initial attraction, but not so much in long term relationships, imo.

    Source(s): (Just for the record, Been There's theory is pretty interesting, but doesn't pan out for my own relationship, unfortunately. We've been together happily for a while now. I do remember that being the case for another couple (friends of the family), though, so there may be something to it. Very interesting though.
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    Rising Sign Compatibility

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    when determining compatibility, do you find the rising sign important? what placements do you compare?

    i've noticed I can get along with someone who is Pisces rising or Aries rising just as well. so i don't think that the rising is important for compatibility. is it just me? i look at sun, moon, Venus and mercury the most. sometimes mars

    Source(s): determining compatibility find rising sign important placements compare: https://tr.im/xtEul
  • I would look at the synastry aspects, rather than just comparing signs with signs. The most important synastry aspects (from what I've read) is the aspects between the Moon, Mars and Venus. I agree with what you said about Rising signs, but having a different Rising sign will determine the 7th house ruler (Descendant) and thats important. I also think Mercury is important in the long run, because it's good to have "easy" aspects with Mercury, that way you will be more likely to communicate well.

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    Life is from A to Z and when we are determining compatibility,the Circles have to relate.There are short term and long term relationships,there are the angels and demons that come into our lives,there is chance, fate and destiny. It would require a book to go through all the possible aspect combinations including the NN and SN. SO, depending on your souls journey in this lifetime..some placements are better tools than others. The Chart represents the whole person as well as past lifetimes...your energies, if you allow them to move freely ,finds it's source and attraction , that includes ALL of them....when there is force,the ugly comes into play.

    When you really Like,Love or Hate someone,their reasons for being in your life is to be a teacher to your lower self to evolve to your higher self...these powerful emotions create Relationships.

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    I don't really know too many peoples' Rising Signs, but I don't think it's overly an important factor in determining compatibility. Mostly, I look at the Moon Sign. I have always been more compatible with guys who have a Moon in the same Element as mine. Also, the venus Sign shows how ones behaves in a relationship so I'd look at that as well. The Mars Sign, not so much. Mercury, I haven't looked at, at all to be honest.

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    Hey There!

    I compare the sun signs, the moon signs and the rising signs but most important the Mars.

    Sex is very important!


    This is me and my ex boyfriend's chart



    Pisces rising

    Aquarius Moon



    Aries rising

    Libra Moon

    Our sun sign and moon sign were HIGHLY compatible BUT our rising signs did not do to well thus, ending our relationship. He had a very bad temper and yelled at me alot. His rising sign was the opposite of my sun sign

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    I've been an astrologer for over 40 years. My mom was one too, from before I was born ... SOMEWHERE she picked up this little tidbit, and I found have it pretty spot-on in my synastry work ...

    In order to determine IF a relationship will be serious enough to lead to marriage (or today's equivalent!), the Rising sign in one chart MUST be in the same OR opposite sign as the other person's Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars. They do not have to be in aspect, just in the same/opp. sign.

    Check it out, test it out, arrive at your own conclusions.

  • i think it is pretty important just for the first bit of getting to know somebody, but once youve been together for a while it seems to be less and less important because you learn more about who that person REALLY is.

    i look at their sun, moon, venus and mars.. but I dont really take much importance out of it. i like giving people a chance regardless of if their chart matches with mine or not

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    Personally , I think the rising sign is of particular importance when it comes to synastry. Mythologically speaking, the rising sign represents the god the resides at our birth bed and this god is gonna be with us sailing through our life. Common intepretation of a rising sign as a superficial or as a mask is not sufficient enough. Rising sign is our outward personality, but also acts as a container that carries the rest of the planets in one's chart. It is like a specific vessels that embody , but also are powered by what it contains ( Sun, Moon, Mars...) and it is particularly shaped by those planets that directly aspect it , particularly the conjunction.

    So if one's rising sign is in conjunction with another's Moon, or Sun, that would strike the rising person a sense of nostalgia, especially in the case of the Moon. When one's Moon conjunct one's rising , the Moon person's feelings and emotional memory would resonate with and be able to pick up the other person's moods. In the case of Sun/rising conjunction, either or both people will see the other as someone he/she strives to be. BUT rising to rising in synastry doesnt tell much, if anything, they might get along in initial meet-ups.

    Of course other factors in the chart must be included to determine compatibility. When I do a synastry, i would look at

    - Basic Sun/Moon compatibility

    - Saturn/Moon , Saturn/Venus, Saturn/rising : these are very binding factors. Of course these aspects are more about stability and endurance than happiness. When Saturn appears in synastry, the relationship gets more serious, more enduring. But with Saturn/Venus, it also brings heaviness and also jealousy.

    - Mars/Venus for physical attraction of course. Mars/Mars cross aspect, especially the opposition is also very telling when it comes to attraction since it generates conflicts and enormous energy.

    - Mercury/Mercury aspect , the square I find, is very difficult, especially if they are found in fixed signs. Mercury/Saturn , Mercury/Chiron hard cross aspect can also generates mistrusts and sometimes nasty arguments.

    - Jupiter aspect to personal planets : Jupiter aspect can generate a sense of confidence and expansive quality , doesnt really deal with stability though. But it is nice to have.

    - Neptune aspect to Venus, particularly the conjunction, this aspect will generate acceptance, empathy, idealisation, makes either person want to bring out their best. But it is actually wise to keep a sense of reality since disillusionment can cause major havoc in both persons. Neptune aspect to the Sun,Mars can also be very magnetic. When Sun acts like the life-giver and Mars the knight in shining armor. All these fairy tale aspects are nice to have if both persons have the sense of grounding, separation and individuality.

    - One's planets fall into the other's 1st, 7th and 8th. I find it quite nice if both persons have mutual aspect of the houses , i.e both's persons' venus/moon/mars etc fall into each other's same house.

    - Possessiveness heightens when Pluto comes into play, especially Pluto/Venus. Thats a guarantee. For individuals who are strongly scorpion, watery or plutonian , it would probably be fine. But for those who are strongly earthy or airy, it might be a turn off.

    - I also find that when one has a planet in the 12th house, say Venus, then the other has Sun conjunct this VENUS , then the person who has the 12th house planet might find for the first time her/his values , self-worth are being illuminated and brought to centre stage. I find that planets that fall in the 12th house in synastry may have sth to do with realisation of something one has possessed but never know its there , or important enough to pay attention to.

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