If I become a police officer does my military time carry over towards retirement?

I'm in the Air Force (Active) and by the time my 6yr enlistment is up I'll be 30yrs old and I was wondering since both are government jobs will my yrs in the military carry over to retirement. Only because I really don't want to have to do an extra 20yrs to retire.


Well actually George P. I checked out NYPD and they will apply up to 3years towards retirement. But thanks guys

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    In PA, state troopers receive credit for military time. Troopers may "purchase" their active duty time and it will count towards retirement. You pay into the system. It is not a lot of money and it is worth it. Some cities may allow you to do this but you have to read your contract or retirement plan details. By the way, in many states teachers and other state workers can purchase their time.

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    the defense force gained't practice you to be a civilian police officer. no matter if you connect the military and functionality an MP, that could not the same as being a civilian police officer. it finally grant you with a number of the abilities you want for this pastime, yet you'll nevertheless opt to satisfy the criteria of the police stress for that you want to artwork. in case you do pick to enlist contained in the military the shortest enlistment is now 3 years lively duty. you actually have the different ideas of changing right into a member of the nationwide look after or Reserves and being a civilian police officer together. i'm assuming you're American.

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    Some states will let you carry over some of your time. But many police forces are state government and not federal. If you are expecting to get a full retirement from the federal government, you are wrong. You only served six years of your enlistment

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    If you get on one of the federal law enforcement agencies that fall under the civil service program , your military time will be tacked on when you retire from the civil service. One of the policemen here at the VA hospital in Fayetteville, Ar. told me he had the best job here he ever had , and that they couldn't beat him away with a ball bat. As far as civilian depts. I have no idea.

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  • 9 years ago

    What? Are you kidding me? H*ll no that don't carry over. Man you don't sound like somebody I want roaming my streets with a gun. Check out the F.B.I. are C.I.A. Those are federal jobs like your millitary one. But I doubt you could pass muster there. If you want your 6 years to count then join your national guard. 14 more years for a weekend now and then and a summer camp and you'll have your 20. Good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    Probably not, but some Federal jobs do (like the guys at the gate now).

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