How do i pray my namaz sincerely?

I'm a muslim girl and i pray namaz. But i just say the words and the surahs. i dont feel anything.

i try to feel something. i try and imagine that Allah (stw) is right infront of me. But sometimes i get distracted and start thinking of something else. I see other people praying so sincerely and sum r even crying to Allah. What are the things i should think about while praying namaz? Thanks for helping. It means alot. All hate comments and such, will be deleted. I would like to hear advice from muslims themselves.

thx :))

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  • 9 years ago
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    What does it for me, is i start to think about dying. and meeting allah on the day of judgement. I think about all my sins. If that doesn't help, I suggest you learn the words you are saying. Start memorizing the translations of the surah's, so that way at least you will be focused on the ayat you are saying. It helps a lot. Memorize all the words in Salat. Pray for more patience and understanding. Inshallah, Allah will answer your prayers.

    We seek help in Allah.


    Best Wishes.

  • 9 years ago

    If you only want advice from Muslims then go to a Muslim web site and ask there. This web site is open to people of all beliefs, threatening people if they answer you just because they do not share your belief system is offensive and wrong.

    The reason you have repetitive prayers is so your mind goes into a trance like state and you stop thinking with the conscious part of your brain. You can work yourself up into a state and end up feeling anything is real, it is practised by most religions.

  • In Christianity we do not have to imagine anything. We have a relationship with God and so He communes with us each time we pray to Him and worship Him. He guides us and reveals to us the things we need to know.

    You can start by challenging Jesus today to show Himself to you. You can say:

    Jesus, if you really died for me and resurrected as Christians say you did, talk to me today or show yourself to me today.

    Wait for His response and then decide if you are better off with Him or muhammad.

    Please give it a try

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