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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsCell Phones & Plans · 1 decade ago

How come some new iPhone 4's have the reception problem, and some don't?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it depends on the cell network in your area, and on the person themselves.

    The cell network where I live isn't great, if i go outside i'm fine, but i'm far enough away from the towers that going inside blocks enough of the signal to be a problem...

    The problem with the individual is in how you hold the phone... The metal ring that's around the outside of the phone is also part of the Antena, so if you hold it a certain way, you're body then interacts with the antena and that's ALWAYS bad for the signal...

    With the IPhone 4 you can get a free 'bumper' or a free case from a select list if you've gotten the phone in within a certain amount of time. in the AppStore, search for IPhone 4 Free Bumper Program and I think you'll find it...

    Good luck!

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