Brasso and iPod Touch?

My iPod touch is scratched, the details are quite small but there's this particular mild scratch that maintain a nuisance to me, due to its visibility when I'm looking at the screen and when it's dark.So then I begin to research online for solutions for this kind of issue and bunk into numerous ideas: toothpaste usage, banana chemistry, then there's the Brasso. There's also a post on the website that explains the success of that product so then I decide to buy one on a local hardware store. The suspicion drew me to an halt and I reminiscently continue to explore on this occasion. There are also many doubts that it won't work even though they had tested this method against their own devices. I begin to lose hope that it would fail, for this isn't where everyone would agree but some still taunt its effects. I attempted to discern for similar answers and average of them were commenting on the abrasive actions that it would have on the player.

After the sudden rush of pouring despair, I came to conclude that I would ask the community group to fore go this tedious topic: Brasso and iPod Touch, does it eliminate or reduce the lines that's currently hindering the shiny texture of the product? Some forums revive the old text: "scratch": meaning the material is being chipped off and to replace with a "filler" thus losing the appearance then regaining the beauty.

Thank you for those who replied.

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    I would recommend you use iDrops cleaner, polish, and scratch remover. (it is all in one bottle) I had the same problem with my iPod touch and they worked for me. You can buy them from for about $15. They work well, but it takes a while to get scratches out. Also, I've tried bananas but they didn't seem to have any effect. Good luck!

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