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Layla vs Michelle McCool in hottness?

I say layla, she is such a thick, tan, piece of beautiful bodied and face woman.

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    For me, Layla El wins hands down. Both of them are very nice. lovely women when you meet them at WWE Axxess Sessions. They don't look too bad when you see them at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony either.

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  • Layla, Michelle is okay, but I think Layla has a better body.

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    Victoria might desire to've gained era Michelle McCool is overvalued she isn't that stable in the hoop she ain't poor yet she damn specific ain't in the leagues with the enormous women like Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Natayla and so on enable's settle for it every time WWE followers initiate thinking that Michelle McCool is a great wrestler than female's wrestling in the WWE is lost. human beings communicate approximately Maryse having 3 strikes McTwig basically has 5 strikes. She lacks her very own wrestling style she strikes in the hoop like a robotic and in case you observed that tournament against Gail Kim you may tell that Gail replaced into conserving herself back. Michelle might desire to no longer save up along with her.She can not connect along with her objective audience,lacks character, she fails to grant any reason she might desire to have gained the belt, she can not carry out a lifelike tournament that may not uninteresting, and he or she is obviously no longer over with the followers i've got faith the those 2 women human beings can do a 20 minute tournament yet i think of Bull Nakano might dominate as much as i admire Victoria Bull Nakano replaced right into a beast in the time of her top and plus too she is larger than Victoria yet whilst Victoria had her MMA strikes against Bull Nakano then have been could be a possibilty that she might win.

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    Michelle was more hotter than layla. But now I say Layla

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    A couple of years ago I would have said Michelle, but now Layla has a nice *** and a hot british accent. She wins.

  • 9 years ago

    McCool. I dont like Layla's hair

  • Layla. Your description fits her perfectly.

  • 9 years ago

    Layla by FAR.

    There are things that I would do to her that I couldnt tell my closest friends because even THEY would think I'm weird.

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