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Is unprotected anal sex dangerous?

My 18yo GF has never had it before. What kind of precautions should one consider? I hate using condom.

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    you can still get STDs and STIs,

    or **** on your dick

    use a condom.

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    Unprotected anal sex is one of the most common ways that HIV and Hepatitus C are spread. Assuming that neither of you has a disease (and there's no way of knowing that unless you've been tested and/or you haven't been with other partners), unprotected anal would be safe from that. However, the rectum is lined with feces, which contain high amounts of bacteria. If this gets into your penis through any openings (such as the opening to your urethra), it could cause an infection. Also, if you're rough with anal, she could get tears inside the walls of her rectum, which feces and bacteria could get in. That would lead to infections with her.

    If you're set on doing this, the best advice I could give would be to make sure she has a dump about an hour or two before you try it, does an enema (anal douche) to make sure she's clean on the inside, you use LOTS of lube, and go slow.

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    God, save something for later! Why would you want to stick it in the poor girl's butt? She's only 18!

    And yes, you can get any and all STDs from having anal that you would get from vaginal. Skin and fluids remain the same. Watch some porn, jack off, and get over it. It's not all that pleasant and it can be bad for her health. It's just the porn industry that makes it seem like everyones doing it. They're not!

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    omg don't make her do it !!!!

    my friends mother described it as shoving an umbrella up your but , opening it , and then pulling it back out repeatedly.

    i would leave you if you even suggested this to me , pervert.

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