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London vs Paris? Which city do you like most?

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    Both nice in is way.

    London more colour full with lots of young people among students and immigrants.

    Nice and different museums from Paris and a cheaper outside life. Lower prices in coffee shops and lots of nice and cheap clothes to buy always in some kind of sale.

    Many outside flee markets and old books markets with charming British elderly lady's and gentleman behind it

    Bad pastry.

    British think are the best and they are left behind a lot of things. Bloody true.

    Paris is not so colour full city but probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world and they know it. French are not especially kind but polite enough. A bit hypocrite and tourists are for sure some kind of low middle class people to whom they smile like a especially favour.

    They have the biggest museum in the world. They have the TGV. They had the Concorde and it want take long before it pops up another one.

    Paris as got two different tube lines. A slow one and the fast one crossing Paris just like that. Both connected of course and by know they have the first tube line without conductor like the famous Orly Val.

    Life outside is to expensive. Un absurd. Anyway they all spent a fortune to seat out and you to when tiered to walk so much.

    Young people in the capital of the fashion dress badly but the other ones keep dressing nice and fancy.

    London as got very good theathers and Paris the great Opera Palace and some theaters as well.

    In Britain most of the writers are a reference for the anglo-saxonic world and the French writers a different but heavy reference for the contemporary culture of the last century.

    French also think are the best in everything in Europe. They split that batle since I remember myself. Along time so:)

    Paris like London is packed with immigrants. Very cosmopolitan city.

    French pastry is wonderfull. Its easy to get fat in Paris and skinny in London

    If you don't feel happy in one just take the underwater train to the other one. That I like because I get easily bored.

    Sorry for such a long a badly written message::))

    ImRight. - if you don't like them you can't either go to one or onother because any second step you find one. I dont know were you live but probably you should save your efforts to understand the world as it is. Is very small you know!

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  • Jeanne
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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    London is better

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    london, paris is overated

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  • 10 years ago

    paris sounds more of a romantic place to be.

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  • PARIS! Paris is way better than London :)

    Source(s): Been there before :)
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