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When the judge creates a state religion?

Will there be riots or sniping?

The govt is not allowed to create it's own religion

but that's what the Ca. judge will be doing

when he makes a religious institution available to gays.

Civil union, okay but not a religious ceremony.


There is no religion that allows gay marriage.

The "state" is attempting to create one that will.

It's headquarters will be found in the prosecutors office. The doctrine will be, If you don't allow gay marriage, your tax exemption will be revoked.

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  • Daniel
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    1 decade ago
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    how have you equated a civil ceremony to starting a religion

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    marriage is not owned by the religious people. it is a word, used by the US government to define when two people come together both legally and sexually. I really don't see how any of the hose religious groups dare lay claim to a world in the english language! so according to them, gay people who wish to marry cannot use the word "married"?

    the US government protects religion and lack of a religion, in this country marriage is just a world, no one can own it or how it is used. if a religion was to take claim of the world marriage and control its use, then that would be a direct violation of the constitution many areas. to name the top3: violation of1st amendment: freedom of religion and freedom of speech. second, violation of 14th amendment, not treating all as equal. There's probably more but I don't do legalese.

    the judge was following the US Constitution. banning gay people from having the right of marriage is unconstitutional. many laws are unconsitutional when made into law by voters, when they were overturned people understand. Why can't you do that?

  • 1 decade ago

    Calling it a state religion is the most utterly drama queen assessment of the situation to date. Suggesting that it's justification for an uprising and killing paints a very pretty picture at the depths of bigotry of some folks.

    Your statement about doctrine will require 'put up or shut up', particularly as neither the ruling over the unconstitutionality (and it was utterly so) of Prop 8 nor CA law allowed for such a thing.

    You are flagrantly intellectually dishonest, but I suppose lying and attempting to incite murder is okay by your faith, and whatever deity you worship is giving you brownie points for the atrocity that you have just proposed.

  • 1 decade ago

    As religions are private, I don't see how he can. Or is.

    All I see is a secular civic institution (not a private religious one) being made available to all consenting adults, ending earlier discrimination. A person's sexual orientation should not be any business of government, so the government should not use it as any basis to make decisions i.e. enforce discrimination.

    If you really do see a state religion being created, what is it? What is being worshipped? Who is its leadership? Where is its headquarters? Can you summarise its doctrine?

    I think you're talking nonsense, incorrectly equating a non-religious official function to a religion. Which only makes the case to prevent discrimination stronger, as its earlier use had been based on such prejudice and incorrect analysis.

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    You seem a bit confused. No religion will have to do any ceremonies they don't want to. Some religions will be able to do ceremonies they do want to.

    It's about religious and personal freedom -- two basic parts of the US society and Constitution.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You know bearing false witness is a sin, right?

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