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what is the meaning of a "fatty" liver?


Well mother is on hospital - icu and they sa she has a fatty liver for a bacteria so i would see it a infectious disease as she has been quarintined

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    Fatty liver can be "Simple fatty liver" that may cause

    no problems at all. However, fat is not normally

    inside the liver. As the fat builds up in the liver it

    can damage the liver cells. When this happens,

    the immune system of the body responds to this

    and also causes inflammation to develop inside

    the liver. This then changes to Steatohepatitis.

    Steato is fat, hepat is liver, and itis means

    inflammation. This is much more serious.

    You see, the liver is surrounded by a membrane

    capsule. The fat and the inflammation causes

    damage to the liver cells and this will then

    cause the liver to enlarge is size because

    of the pressure there. The cause has to be

    found and stopped, if possible. This way

    the liver cells can heal. If not, it can lead

    to where the liver cells start to die off and

    scar tissue forms inside the liver which will

    block the flow of blood through the liver.

    This is then known as Cirrhosis of the liver

    and it is not reversible.

    The causes that are known for Fatty liver are:

    alcohol consumption, certain medications..

    such as steriods, weight gain, obesity,

    fast weight loss, malnourishment,

    high cholesterol/triglyceride levels,

    diabetes, insulin resistance, and others.

    Bacterial infection has to be watched closely...

    many patients are placed in isolation because

    of this. She will be given one or a combination

    of medications that will help her fight off this.

    The Infection team of doctors will decide which

    ones will be best to use. Some of the antibiotics

    have to be watched closely by having blood testing

    done to be sure they stay at a safe level in the

    blood and don't go into toxic range. One sign

    of this is ringing in the ears sounds.

    Here are some links on Fatty liver disease, that you

    can click on:

    Here are some terms that you may come across when

    reading the information on these sites and what they


    "Simple Fatty Liver" is a fat infiltration inside the

    liver that doesn't usually cause any problem

    "Steatohepatitis" is fat infiltration inside the liver

    that causes damage to the liver cells and inflammation

    inside the liver which will cause the liver to enlarge in


    "Hepatitis" is inflammation of the liver

    "NASH" stands for non alcoholic causes of


    "Alcohol Steatohepatitis" is alcoholic causes of

    fatty liver disease leading to inflammation inside the


    "NAFLD" is non alcoholic causes of Fatty liver disease

    "Cirrhosis" is death of the liver cells and scar tissue

    formation inside the liver.

    I hope this information has been of help to you.

    Best wishes

    Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
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    It is simply that, it's fat in the liver. Usually this is a result of a person being overweight if they don't drink excessively. Not a heavy drinker then it is called NASH (Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis). It is reversible. Your doctor probably told you that you have a fatty liver and maybe to follow up with some blood work or something? Your blood results will tell your doctor about the enzyme levels of your liver and better inform you of what going on and next steps. It's usually no big deal and your liver will be just fine.

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    oh and by the way, a fatty liver is NOT an infectious disease, but rather acquired through bad eating and drinking habits

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    It means that the liver has an abnormal amount of fat in its cells. There are several types of this problem. Check the link below.

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