my head hurts on top? what could this mean? please answer?

okay so i had a fever and my throat hurt about 2 days ago and my fever was pretty high. but now i take antibiotics for my throat but today 2 days later i dont have a fever, my throat doest hurt, i still take my antibiotics but my head hurts on top when i shake my head to say "yes" or "no" could this be because i had a fever or could it be just from the antibiotics i take at the moment.?? Oh and because i take those antibiotics i can take any other pills for headache or anything. :( what can i do?

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  • meltz
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    4 years ago

    I used to get rigidity problems continuously. The discomfort all started on the back and superior in the direction of the front. i think of the reason replaced into previous due nights, early mornings and no real workout. i began out to workout my neck muscle tissues regularly and that i've got in no way had a rigidity headache for some years. that's no longer BS in spite of the undeniable fact that it kind of feels too straight forward to be authentic. I carry my palm against my head and do a rocking action with my neck against the resistance of my hand. I do 3 rounds. a million) left area, authentic area, front, back. 2) left rear, authentic rear, front left front back. 3) is very almost the comparable as 2 yet I attain around with my hand so as that I placed left hand on authentic rear and go around lower back. I do 10 pushes in each and each place. Takes according to threat 2 minutes and correctly worth each 2d in my view.

  • 1 decade ago

    take the medicine on time,time wiil heal

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