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Afraid of escalators?? How can I get over this?!!?

I'm terribly afraid of escalators and I have been since I was pretty young. I'm traveling to Las Vegas this weekend and I know that the airport I'm going to has an escalator (I've been to this airport before, tripped going up the escalator, don't wanna do that again.) I'm wondering if you guys have any tips for not being scared? Or not tripping? >_<

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    Just stand still on the step, and remember, nothing bad is going to happen, millions of people have used escalators, it's not like something in that new movie coming out is going to happen when you fall through the cracks in it. It's also better to lean more forward than back, you don't want to fall backwards. Have fun in Las Vegas!

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    Hey my friend,

    in life you can live by love or fear! Escalator=Fear

    Why Fear?

    Where is love?

    Next time you go on an elevator picture all of the cartoon characters from your childhood stepping on to it, and as you step on take a deep breath, if you ever feel unrelaxed in any way, or any of the effects of fear then do the 7-11

    Breathe in your nose to 7

    Out your mouth to 11

    and repeat,

    Once you are on you'll be fine brother,

    I suggest love, feel free to check out my website www.howtohealanxiety.com as it deals with a life of fear,


    Alski K

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    The only way to overcome your fear is to face it head on. Remember that escalators are safe, people use them all the time. Just step on the step and relax.

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    when getting on the escalator just take one step forward and stand on the step,the railings move at the same rate of speed as the steps and when you reach the top right before the step goes into the floor take i step forward to get off,they weren't meant to climb up and down like regular steps,try it you will Be fine

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