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Anonymous asked in 政治及管治法律及道德 · 1 decade ago

BNO passholder question

Further the arguments on whether BNO holders can gain permanet residence in Europe ( :

HK BNO passports were issued only before 1997 by the British Govt in HK, their dependents who are borned after 1997 will not be issued the passport.

Question: Will the non-BNO dependent holders be allowed to go into Europe, if their parents are HK BNO holders?

Thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    LOL at Gary's answer, he may know something about American System, but sure as hell, he does not know anything about BNO and British Society. I wasn't going to say anything but seeing how you relentless pursuit my tiny typo, so i am having a go for it.

    NHS is a National Scheme, it DOES NOT ONLY ELIGIBLE to UK CItizens, Residents or EU Citizens

    According to NHS website, you can claim NHS trust for Free Treatment if you are

    Come to the UK for work

    Come to the UK for marriage/residence

    Come to the UK for study of a 6 month or longer course.

    Quote under:

    What current documented proof does the Trust require which possibly entitles me to free NHS treatment?

    Basically, if you are entitle to live in the UK for 6 months or more, you qualified for NHS Scheme NO MATTER WHAT PASSPORT YOU ARE HOLDING.


    Going back to your question

    Basically, i very much doubt the validity of the article you provided, for 2 obivious reason.

    1.) They are lack of any reference, no proof at all, if the author were actually granted Denmark Residence,he should have displayed the official document or permit to support its claim, given this is a very hot topic.

    2.) the account that wrote that article does not exist anymore, onlylead to more mystery to the validity of the document.

    I was just on the phone with Swedish and Danish Consulate in Australia, i was asking about work right in their country and pretenting to be a BNO holder, they bothgiveme the same answer, that is, unless your BNO passport have settlement right and was not in any form of Immigration Control (Meaning youmust be a permanent residence in the UK) you are not allow to take residence or work without a permit in either Danish or Sweden.

    I had recorded our convo, will upload it once i figure out how to get the convo out of my iphone......

    2010-08-13 11:08:06 補充:

    Now this is an interesting part. You may still get residence in Europe using a BNO,even without ILR right, since the person giving you your resident card is not an immigration official, but an police officer, so in the end, you may wind up getting a Residence Card that you are not entitle to,

    2010-08-13 11:08:23 補充:

    but when you try and get Citizenship with that card, then you will know. Cos immigration official is not stupid...

    Source(s): Iam an UK and Swedish Citizens, lived in Sweden for over 2 years
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