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但是我的英文真的很糟糕 所以我就請別人翻譯:)


我的閱讀還可以 但我的寫跟說就有點困難了

我最近過得不錯 雖然是暑假 但我還是天天上學

因為台灣跟我同年齡的孩子正要準備一場盛大的考試 我必須趕進努力

捨麼? 真的假的 ?口口口口才19歲? 我只知道他訂婚了 知道Vanilla sky這個樂團的事情在台灣很難得到 但我知道口口口口是個愛網交的變態....不知道義大利是不是所有人都知道這件事情?

原來你是個音樂家 你有組團嗎?你一定有個很棒的歌喉

我很羨慕會唱歌的人 我的歌喉本身就很糟

我很喜歡聽義大利文歌 但是我知道的義大利文歌並不多

你喜歡的音樂類型好多種:) 我也不知道我喜歡捨麼樣的音樂

我都是看心情 但我大多是喜歡聽抒情搖滾的音樂

我喜歡你們的語言 那麼你會推薦捨麼搖滾抒情的音樂給我聽聽呢?

很高興能交到義大利朋友 如果可以也許我們可以互流MSN 祝你天天開心


拜託大家了^^ 這是我要給一位義大利人的信 我晚回了好幾天

前幾次我是照自己的英文寫給他的 但我寫的都簡簡單單 而他回的都一大串

我有點不好意思 所以想請大家幫幫忙 :)

如果是用翻譯機的回答者 希望能在旁邊註明 謝謝:)



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    I’m sorry for late reply. I want to reply early as always but my English is not good so I have to write in Chinese and ask someone to translate to English for me. I am hoping I can write in English as good as you are. My reading is alright but I find it hard to write and speak the language.

    I am doing well recently. Although it is school summer holiday in Taiwan I still have to go to school everyday. We have a big exam coming up so I have to study hard.

    Are you serious that xxx is only 19 year-old? I only knew he’s engaged.

    It is hard to get the information about Vanilla Sky in Taiwan but I know xxx is a psycho in the internet dating….does Italian know about it?

    You are a musician! Do you have a band? I bet you have a good singing voice. I always envy someone with good voice. I don’t have a good singing voice. I like Italian songs but I don’t know many of them. It is good to know that you like every kind of music. I don’t know what kind of music I like. It depends on my mood. I normally have sentimental rock music. I like your language. Would you recommend me some Italian sentimental rock music?

    I am happy to have an Italian friend. If it is possible we can have a chat on MSN.

    I wish you have happy day everyday

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    I 'm so sorry that answer this english letter too late,actually i want to answer it

    early but my english ability is too bad so i have asked someone to heip me to translated it.

    I have been hope to have the english ability as good as you,my reading is not bad but my writing and speaking are not easy for me.

    l have been well these days,thought it's summer vacation now,I still have to go to school every day,because the same age in taiwan have to prepare a big test,i have to be really hard working.

    Really?Is that ture?====is only nineteen! i only know that ====is engagement,and the information about this band (Vanilla sky) is not easy to get in Taiwan.but i know ====is a metamorphose who love to make friends on the internet.I 'm wondering whether or not everybody in Italy knows about it?

    It's so surprised to know that you are a musition! Do you have your own band?

    your voice must be really great!

    I'm really envy the people who has beautiful voice because my voice is not good.

    I really like to listen to the music in Italian but i know few about Italian songs.

    there are many kinds of music you like,i'm not sure what kind of the music i like,but most time i love Lyrical rock

    i like your language,i hope you can recommend some music for me!

    It' s really nice to have friends rom Italy ,hope can chat on MSN .HAVE A NICE DAY!


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    I'm sorry this letter is so late back

    In fact been on the wanted back

    But my English is really bad so I asked someone to translate:)

    I want to like you have such a good English ability

    I can read my writing, but a bit difficult with that

    My recent life is good though it is summer, but I still go to school every day

    Because Taiwan with children the same age I was about to prepare a big test I have to drive into work

    Why care? Really fake? Mouth mouth eloquence 19 years? All I know is engaged to him to know what the band Vanilla sky in Taiwan is difficult to get but I know that word of mouth word of mouth is a net pay of the metamorphosis of love .... do not know if Italy is not everyone know this matter?

    So you are a musician you have a tour? You must have a great voice

    I envy people who can sing my voice itself is bad

    I like listening to Italian songs, but I know not many Italian songs

    Type of music do you like a good variety:) I do not know what I like What type of music homes

    I always look at heart but I mostly like to listen to rock music lyrics

    I like the language you care What do you recommend the lyrical rock music to me to hear it?

    Very pleased to be submitted to Italian friend if maybe we can wish each other every day you happy flow MSN

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    I'm sorry this letter so late back In fact, always wanted to go back to the But my English is very bad, so I asked people to translate:) I'd like you have such good English ability I am reading you can also write like I said a little difficult I recently had a pretty good although it is the summer but I still go to school every day Since my children were about to prepare for a big test, I must get into the efforts Hostel? Really fake accounts of Word of mouth 19-year-old? I only know that he is engaged to know Vanilla sky this Orchestra of things in Taiwan, it was difficult to obtain but I know that word of mouth is a network of metamorphosis ... did not know that Italy is not all people know about it? So you are a musician you send? you must have a great voice I admire people who I will be singing voice itself was bad and I enjoy listening to Italian songs but I know of Italian song and not many types of music do you like a good number:) I'm not sure I like house music? I see mood but I mostly enjoy listening to music lyric rock I like your language then would you recommend homes Mody rock lyrical music I'm listening to you? Are very pleased to be able to reach the Italian friend if you can maybe we can cross the stream MSN I wish you a happy every day

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