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Is 112 square feet of sail normal for a boat 14.6 feet long with a mainsail and jib sail?

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    yes, 112 sq. ft. is the normal sail are for the 14.6 sailboat. see below, the boat can be ordered with a larger jib and a spinnaker.

    here are sail measurements from sailrite for the 14.6

    main sail

    Luff 15.5ft (4724mm)

    Foot 8.33ft (2538mm)

    Leech-AftHdBd 17.13*ft (5221mm)

    Tack Ang 87.93*

    Diag (clew/head) 17.33ft (5282mm)

    Head (inches) 4in (102mm)

    Area (no Roach) 66.82*ft2 (6208mm2)

    Comments Measured by Sailrite from factory set, one reef, about 6" roach

    jib sail

    Luff 13.79ft (4203mm)

    Foot 6.17ft (1880mm)

    Leech 12.17ft (3709mm)

    Perc LP

    Length Perp 5.44*ft (1658mm)

    Deck Angle

    Area 37.53*ft2 (3487mm2

    sail area totals 104.34 with out measuring roach area (about 6")

    more info

    The sail package features 112 square feet of 3.8 ounce Dacron sail. An optional spinnaker sail package is available. Back plating under the gunnel for spinnaker cleat hardware installation is included, so the addition of a spinnaker package at a later time will be easy. The main sail is equipped with a row of jiffy reef grommet points across the lower one third of the sail for instruction in jiffy reefing. A larger jib can be ordered on a special basis, however, most of the programs opt for the standard sail arrangement. The American 14.6 can be sailed with the main only

    hope this helps

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