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What are the most beautiful flowers to plant in your garden?

Just want to know. I love flowers and im planning on rebuilding my moms garden in the spring but i want to know what are some gorgeous flowers I could plant?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Sun flowers can be fun and interesting to grow, not to mention that they're beautiful! Try the Mammoth variety.

    New England Aster's are beautiful and draw attention to the landscape.The American Horticultural Society lists it as a "Great Plant for American Gardens"

    Roses: you cant go wrong with them! They're gorgeous and can easily be maintained.

    Morning Glories are one of the only true blue flowers, and I just think they're so beautiful the way they climb!

    Clematis's are great perennials and they're flowers are gorgeous. Be careful though, they spread badly.

    Bleeding Hearts are delicately beautiful and do fantastic in the shade.

    Butterfly Bush's can look fantastic if placed in bunches and in the right spot.

    Lillie's are absolutely gorgeous and are a personal favorite of mine, coming in all sizes and colors.

    Iris' also come in many sizes and colors, and have distinct flowers, similar to no others.

    Black Magic Hollyhocks are mysteriously fascinating and I just love to see them bloom!

    Tulips and Daffodils add color to the spring time too!

    Happy Gardening!

    Source(s): Years of experience, working with mom in the garden, gardening for dummies, anywhere I learned ")
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  • 4 years ago

    Annuals are flora that bloom as soon as after which die. You must replant them each and every yr. Perrenials are flora that come again yr after yr. The downfall to these is that the blooming season for them is mainly lovely quick, a couple of weeks at so much. Just until up your dust and blend in a few compost of you've gotten it. The flora you opt for to shop for will include planting and being concerned directions. You can begin your possess compost for subsequent yr by means of saving your fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, espresso grounds, and so forth (no cooked meals), position it in a few significant box and upload leaves and such out of your backyard, maintaining it simply wet and turning it generally. You can seek the way to compost and arise with many pages but it surely quite is effortless and sooo well in your graden. Most men and women like to combine annuals with their perennials for consistent colours in the course of the seasons. Also could also be handy to put a few weed material, or instead, a few men and women use layers of ancient newspaper as that is biodegradeable. Mulching round them will likely be lovely and support to shield the roots as good as preserve them wet to slash watering. Hope this has been of a few advantage. Good good fortune!!

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  • 10 years ago

    EVERYbody has Their OWN Favorites... Your BEST Bet, -would be to go to your Local Nursery, & pick out all the Ones you remember your Mother had, PLUS the Ones YOU really Like. Then, while You're THERE, you can ask for whatever Growing Information You NEED- so you can arrange the Garden any way you Want ! :)

    Source(s): A Green Thumb. :)
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  • 10 years ago

    flowers and photos of flowers and butterflies on them under sources...

    i love flowers but i also love butterflies so i always plant ones that will bring me butterflies!

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  • 10 years ago

    Cannabis sativa L

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