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Car Insurance Deductible Waived?

the other day i was rear ended the other driver and i pulled in into a parking lot. It was my first time ever being hit so i blanked out and didn't call the police. I wrote down the cars make and model its license plate. When i asked the man to give me his license he said he didn't have one so i asked to see his id i wrote down his name and asked for his number. He also claimed that the vehicle was not his so i asked o see the registration and wrote down the registers owners name and address. When i asked to see the insurance he said that it was expired but that the car was insured but he just didn't have the proper paperwork. I called my insurance company and made a claim i have been communicating with an agent and she is telling me that in a 30-45 day period my insurance company will decide if my deductible will be waived.At the moment i have to pay a $500 deductible but shes telling that it might be waived since there is enough information to bill the register owner. What are the chance that it will be waived?

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    No one here can tell you.

    It all depends on what the insurance adjuster finds out as a result of the investigation.

    Pretty safe bet the odds are somewhere between 0-100.

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    If you both have the same amount of a collision deductible, your deductible will be waived for the rear damage but you may end up paying a deductible to have your front damage repaired. It is all up to the adjuster. IF there was a police report that says the guy in front of you took off, Your company (adjuster) may not require you to pay any deductible at all. If you want the front of your car repaired, you have no choice but to use your insurance. Let them handle it. They will do the right thing. If you don't trust them, get a different insurer for the future

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  • 10 years ago

    I must be in the H_LL did you get all the information you have listed and state that you "BLANKED OUT" and that is the reason for not calling the police...."HERE'S YOUR SIGN"

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