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Will Bill Madlock or Alex Rodriguez ever get voted in Hall of Fame?

Madlock won 4 batting titles & had 2,008 career hits in 1,800 games equivalent to 11+ seasons.

You need a minimum 10 yrs to qualify for Hall of Fame so i think if he was white he would have been in long ago.

A-rod is another case he cheated the record books so will the baseball writers hold it against him until he is 50 yrs old?

or has he started his butt kissing campaign on the writers to get himself some brownie points?

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    I agree with your views about Madlock. The press disliked him because he pointed out things they didn't like. For one thing, he pointed out that during his playing days the writers were 3 or 4 writers from being 100% white. They HATED that one. 4 batting titles would put white guys who look like christian dentists in.

    Alex Rodriguez will go into the Hall someday. Selig, the owners , and the Players Association mucked up the PEDs issue so badly that no knows anything for sure about anything.

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  • 10 years ago

    Eventually, I think A-Rod will. Even if they erase all his numbers from when he used steroids, he still has good enough number to get in the HOF. Madlock, no. 2,008 career hits isn't enough to get in the HOF.

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  • Kim
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    10 years ago

    Heck yea

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  • 10 years ago

    Arod, yeah, Arod, and yeahenhyeahyeah and well, yeah of course, he's goin to the hall of fame. you know what im tawwwwwwkin' 'about??? ahhh fuggehtaboutit!

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