If a cop walks into a bar, and sees a young looking person in there, demands to see ID, is this profiling?

Bars get raided all the time when they demand to see everyone's ID's, so why to illegals get a pass?

This isn't against any particular racial group, "profiling" goes on all of the time to all of us, single mothers, blue collar workers, those who drive pick up trucks instead of Mercedes - we all get stereotyped and treated according to someone's personal prejudice, it happens to me all of the time and I bet it happens to you, whether you realize it or not.

So what is wrong with Arizona's law? The Federal government has failed in protecting their border, what are they supposed to do? Isn't it the right of Arizonians to have Federal protection like the rest of us? (yeah right, as long as you're not white or poor.)

My entire life working in tis country, I have always had to prove my citizenship and present ID to a police officer when it's demanded, why do these people get special treatment? I've also lived in other countries as a non-citizen, and it was my choice to be there and follow their laws. I certainly did not expect the tax payers to foot my bill.

What's happened to the security rights of the rest of us tax payers who want that border closed like any other NORMAL country in this world? Why are we being "racial" because we want to protect our own from foreign unknown elements?

I taught ESL years ago and helped out perfectly legal hard working people who came to this country to work and pay taxes - I'd like to hear from some of you who followed the rules, pay taxes, and are now footing the bill for those who have cheated and are getting special treatment you did not get. Furthermore, these illegals are making you look bad!

We've forgiven Mexico's debt over and over, they have more lobbyists in Washington than many organizations representing citizens. Now, they want to start giving non-citizens the right to vote in local elections, and they are using the word "rights" for non-citizens, it's certainly not their right unless they become a citizen, which would be their choice - what is going on here? They get all of the benefits without earning them, are not part of the draft should there be war, they get to live in a country they owe nothing to but have "rights" to our tax based benefits.

The innocent children and families of Hispanic heritage are getting dumped into this group of scumbags. My kids are not lily white, (they are not Mexican) and we are getting all kinds of racial slurs and being told to go back to Mexico. You illegal scumbags are making us all look bad.

So, anyone who is a minor in a bar who gets asked for an ID should contact a lawyer & sue for age profiling?

What is happening to common sense?


Thanks for the intelligent answers.

Okay, so some of you don't get figurative speech, and sense the sarcasm here - your loss, go read the bible then.

I've got a friend in Florida who just had a hospitalization, she's hard working and barely making it, not a gov't mule, but she cannot access the healthcare illegals can. She has no extra money, but can't get the tax supported free services in the clinic down the road because she is a legal citizen.

Another hard working friend who needs dental work and can't afford it - Found an organization that offers free dental care, but only to prisoners and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

Amnesty was offered, but that wan't good enough. This is ridiculous regardless of race, color or gender.

Those of you who picked up on the sarcasm are welcome to return it without insults. This isn't against Mexicans, it's questioning the sensibility & security measures of this country, and how it's working out in real life.

Update 2:

What do you think about elections? When I was in Ecuador, I was escorted 500 yards away from their polling station by 3 guys carrying sub machine guns!

Do you think the Federal gov't has failed Arizona?

Update 3:

Yazuka - Thanks for your Arizonian perspective - do you think the Federal gov't has failed your state? Nobody "deserves" to be profiled, and it does happen all the time - but the cost is killing us here and taking food out of our own kids' mouths, depriving citizens, of whatever heritage, of their right to health care. We cannot help other ailing countries if we implode under this financial pressure. Do any of your neighbors see this aspect? Do they understand that this is for their protection also? Are they tired of their taxes increasing with no benefit to their families? I am very sorry they are going through this, we are also - we're not in a nice, mixed race neighborhood. This is why I am speaking up and showing my kids some of these answers. They are tired of it also.

We are basically a minority family that is tired of the illegals that are making us all look bad. I don't mind being asked for my ID because I'm doing nothing wrong. I see this as folks trying to PROTECT me.

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    Common sense has gone out the window, somewhat from a lack of knowledge. Most people don't know (as it's not a really public fact) that cops profile and stereotype to find suspects and potential criminals and whatnot. but new laws are extremely public, which is why they cause so much controversy and outrage, despite previous actions similar to the new law that have already been going on, but much more secretly.

    --Dr J

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  • Yakuza
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    Just where in the US Constitution does it say anything about racial profiling ?

    We all profile by looks to some extent. I do it and so do you . I look for certain features in men that I find attractive,I dont bother with ones that dont fit my certain type. Looks are only a beginning ,because after you get to know some " attractive" people they can become very ugly internally, once they open their mouths.I look for a certain car to purchase,am I profiling automobiles? I want to buy a home in a certain area do I profile the area? yes.We all are judgemental about others,maybe that's what keeps us safe in a crazy world.and the police officers are no different. The difference is that they have every right to ask any one for ID.That's what cops do, its their job to be suspicious..I have nothing to hide so I dont care. On the other hand if I was doing something illegal I would be very concerned.

    There are so many Americans of Mexican heritage that are making a normal life,they do all things the legal lawful way.And yes the people that come here illegally are doing them and all lawful Americans a disservice.by breaking the law. I live in AZ and I live in a great neighborhood among people of many heritages.They all have one thing in common,they all are law abiding productive citizens.They like all Americans deserve better.

  • Greg N
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    "Racial" profiling is illegal. Other profiling is not. That's number one.

    Second, when a law applies only to a specific age group, and someone appears to be within the specific age group while meeting some other element of the offense (being in a bar, holding alcohol, etc.) then the profiling is specific to the offense since the offense specifies age.

    When it comes to illegal immigration, what does an illegal alien look like? If you say they look hispanic, this would include millions of US citizens. It would also ignore the many immigrants we have from other countries, such as Canada.

    Laws regarding illegal aliens do not specify a race. Therefore race is NOT an element of the offense, and cannot reasonably be used in a general sense to determine reasonable suspicion.

    If ANY hispanic person is receiving racial slurs and other discrimination, this is the fault of STUPID PEOPLE. Ignorant people like to say stupid things. Don't try and blame illegal immigrants for this. After all, we all fit into some group, perhaps many different groups, all of which have members that we'd rather not have and who give us a bad reputation. You act as if it's exclusive to hispanics. It is not.

    Most of what you say is absolute nonsense. Next time you decide to rant, consider that some of what you say may not be accurate.

  • Anonymous
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    No .. and neither is asking anyone for their I.D. The laws should be enforced for all people, not just some. This is why illegals are screaming racial profiling, because it is another law they want to get around our laws.

    They're making it really bad on Hispanic Americans by continuing to flood into this country. This is why the Americans of all ethnic backgrounds should stand behind the current immigration laws and be vocal about it. There's nothing good that can come of illegals coming into to America.

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    racial profiling

    A tactic used by law enforcement officers and government agencies to apprehend, obtain warrants, and indict people of ALL races based on demographics of tendencies to break the law in different regions of the United states.

    The new phenomenon brought on by certain minorities that suggests that the only reason they are suspected for crimes and are arrested is because they are that minority. As if the true crime rate is just SO different than the arresting statistics.

    Basically a reason to label innocent white folk who are trying to catch criminals, "Racist"

    A: The only reason Black or Latino people get arrested is because of Racial Profiling.

    B: Yeah I know! A Black person would NEVER even CONSIDER killing anyone at all. Also, white folks never get arrested for anything! It is quite unjust.

    If most crimes in an area are committed by black males aged 14-25, unsurprisingly the police will stop and search more of that group than any other. However, some liberals and "community leaders" (i.e. self-appointed trouble-makers) deem this racist.

    All the recent terrorist attacks were made by young arab males, but lets stop and search some white middle-aged women, so we are not called racists.

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    You are absolutely correct! I did not understand how asking for an i.d is racism?? The only people getting offended by the law are the immigrants!! And the reason they want to let immigrants vote, is cuz they need the democratic votes!! So these democrats can lie and promise everything to these people, but all there doing is destroying our country!

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    The difference is that drinking is illegal for all minors, but not all Hispanic-looking people are illegal. Many are legally naturalized citizens (or second, third, or fourth-generation citizens) and don't deserve to be harrassed.

  • Akabln
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    No, because age profiling isn't against the constitution. Racial profiling is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Concerned -

    Not all young looking people are underage.

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