The apple iphone for verizon?

Ok i just wanted to know a couple things about the apple iphone for verizon.

1. Will i look any different from the iphone for at&t

2. Will it have the $9.99 a month data plan or a $29.99 a month data plan

3. When will i come out ( ive heard rumors about january but does anyone have a pacific date??)

4. How much will the phone cost with a 2 year contract ( i am eligible for an upgrade)

5. If anyone has had an iphone from at&t, is it a good phone???

and lastly

6. What is the battery life on it.

thanks for all the answers in advance :)

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    9 years ago
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    Nobody can answer your questions because there are no definite answers yet as it has not been officially confirmed. Here is some more fodder for the rumour mill though:

    Apple Orders Millions of Qualcomm CDMA Chipsets for Verizon iPhone:

    copied from:

    Verizon is expected to announce a CDMA version of the device at CES 2011:

    copied from:

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No one knows anything about the Verizon iPhone because it doesn't exist yet. AT&T has an exclusive contract with Apple that, according to some legal papers that were released a while ago, is set to expire in 2012. However, many people believe the contract has been changed by now, or Apple has changed their mind. Unfortunatley, hasn't been confirmed yet. There were a couple of papers like the Wall Street Journal who published articles about some rumors floating around, but it's likely that they don't know anymore than the rest of us. Verizon uses a different type of wireless network than most other wireless providers in the world. AT&T uses gsm technology that lets Apple sell the same type of iPhone all over the world. If Apple were to make a Verizon iPhone, they would have to change the hardware in the iPhone to work with Verizon's network. As far as contracts go, most Verizon smart phones currently require an extra $30 a month for data. I have an iPhone, and I would certainly recommend it. The iPhone 4 can last easily over a day of heavy use. If I were you, I'd stick with Verizon for a little longer into 2011.

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