A decent refurbished computer?

I want a decent refurbished computer that at least has 6gb RAM, Windows7, needs a branded video card like Nvidia with alteast around 512mb not those intel graphics. Hard drive isnt really a problem. extra features like blu ray, wireless and etc is not really need but is nice.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You might try www.compusa.com or www.tigerdirect.com for some refurbished systems. Be sure to read the (customer) reviews. Be aware that a refurbished system, just as a new one, might be DOA -- dead on arrival. Make sure you know the return / exchange policies wherever you get your new(ish) system. You could also visit stores looking for "open box" deals. These could be systems returned for any reason, or none, really. But the retailer might not be allowed to sell it as "new" just because the box was opened. You could also watch for an older system that's on clearance just because it's not up-to-the-second technology. I used to have good luck finding clearance deals at Office Depot stores. Be sure to ask about discounts, such as if you buy a display model or buy more than one.

    Some manufacturers have direct sales. I think Dell used to have a warehouse type location in their hometown (Austin, TX?). CompUSA once had a sale on refurbished items for employees and their family & friends. Anyone, basically. Just needed an employee with you. I got a good system and monitor I used for about 5 years that way. Still works, just got newer computer.

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