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Pretty Little Liars: *Has spoilers from last night's episode*?

I had to have this conversation with someone..but my friends don't watch it! :(

1)Woahhh. Is A..Ian? or Mona? It looked like a guy. Couldn't be Toby.. but he could have ran after the police came in contact with him. Who do you think A is?

2) Hanna knows a lot of secrets.. Newest being Aria and Fitz. I really really hope Aria doesn't go with Fitz..I hope she stays with Noel. What do you think?

3)So I realized that the pretty little liars crew..well they're all older than the show says. I hate that. :( Aria (Lucy Hale) is 21; Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) is 23. So that makes it ok for them to kiss I guess.

But Spencer is really 25, Hanna is 21, Emily is 23. Spencer's older than Fitz! Does this bug you? :\

4)I still wish Hanna didn't see Aria.. :( Aria's my favorite character. Who's yours?

5) Hope the car didn't hurt, Hanna.

Also, anything else you need to blurt out..say it ^_^

If you don't like Pretty Little Liars..Why are you reading this?


I read the books. Mona is A, Toby kills himself, Ian killed Ali. Toby's secret is that he raped Jenna. Aria stays with Fitz. And Emily admits she is gay.

Ian didn't kill Ali? I thought Ali killed Ali cause it was her sister :O

Update 2:

And Allison is 14! D: holy crap

Update 3:


Update 4:

I didn't read it. Someone commented that part. I haven't read any books..I'm making assumptions/ saying what people said before. So STFU PLEASE?

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    1) A is none of those people. It is a girl named Courtney who is Alison's twin sister. Courtney is crazy and keeps trying to be Alison. When she comes home from the mental instituion she switches places with Alison - hence why she picks new friends instead of Naomi and the other one. Alison gets sent to the mental institution and the 'Alison' the girls knew was actually Courtney. She is the one who is killed. Alison is still in the instituion and alive.

    2) Don't care.

    3) No, all actors are older than the characters they portray.

    4) Aria.

    5) It did, she's in a coma.

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    1) Mona Maybe or Ian

    2) I hate Fitz so i want her to stay with Noel

    3) Nope , they all look youung enough

    4) Toby and Emily i love them both.

    5) I hope so too i'm starting to like Hanna

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    I think the episode was confusing.. I missed some of it, but I dont get whats with the dirty shoes and all. As Andrea Jane said, these are going to be my SHOW-BASED answers, bc I have read some, not all, of the books. I think it was Ian (this answer if kind of based on the book.. because Im not sure if Ian has come about yet in the show- I cant remember lol-but hes Melissa's bf. I think this because in the book he and Alison dated (while he was with Melissa, when she was in HS. and in the video that was turned over to the police of the girls, Ian and Alison were acting strange. Also, in the show, on the tree it says "Alison <3's", so I think it was supposed to say Ian. I think he might have killed her bc he didnt want melissa or anyone else to find out he was cheating. Alison's body was found in the beginning of the show. I think she really did take those figurines from the memorial, thats why she was dirty. I think Lucas was probably also at the memorial, maybe he hated Alison and went to the memorial to let her know that he didnt like her bc she made fun of him all those years, but he had forgiven her..? It sounds silly, but thats all I can think of that could have happened--> I dont think he killed her.

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  • la
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    1) I think A is alive, and using Ian as a pawn.

    2) I dislike the teacher, he's irritating to me, and Aria is stupid for getting back with him. It's like really? Nothing good is coming out of that relationship.

    3) They always do stuff like that, on RJ Berger's show, his best friend is like 31. grosss

    4) I like Hanna better than Aria, she has better judgment.

    5) I doubt Hanna's dead, she'll probably just forget who A is.


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    Well, I heard a Lucy hale interview with Ryan seacrest, and she revealed that A in the show is different from the books, so it's probably not Mona.

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  • 1. no comment because i read the books and know who it is :)

    2. i like noel alot better too. fitz annoys me.

    3. uh maya is like thirty something.

    4. uhmm, probably hanna.

    5. ):

    editt: uhm, thats not right.

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  • 10 years ago

    Haha. Wow. You must have read, what, 4 books of the series? That's not right. Just read them all and you'll know who A is.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    wow, i didn't know they were that old, ha.

    SPOILER ALERT (((stop reading if you don't want to know this))) hanna does not die.

    My favorite is hanna.

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