GPU cant pass a stress test?

I had it default settings and tested it with OCCT, runs up to about 82-83 c and then shuts the display down. This happened after about 3-4 minutes

This was at DEFAULT settings

Now I do OC the GPU sometimes, but I don't save it . I just OC it with Riva Tuner when I feel like playing games, and I always increase the fan speed to about 60 percent and it seems to keep it more cooler than on default with fan at auto on 30 percent.

However, I ran the OC in OCCT stress test and after about 3 minutes the screen started glitching up on me, so I abandon the test.

Not really sure what I should here. Should I increase the fan speed on the default settings and just use the gpu at default? Kind of worried about burning out my GPU fan or something. When I increase it to 60 percent it just runs non stop. Would like to OC it, but not a big deal I got a 10 fps increase on the OC. My main concern would be running the fan at 60 percent non stop and how would that effect my GPU,

I have a 9800GTx+ and am going to buy the 460 in a few months.


BTW GPU cannot pass stress test wether or not it is Overclocked.

Update 2:

problem is the fan will run non stop if i push it to 60 percent.. if I allow it to stay at the automatic control with 35 percent it just runs as needed I guess, when it gets too hot it runs.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your GPU is definately getting too hot. Make sure you are using the current nVidia Drivers... there were fan issues with the older drivers and overheating.

    Make sure your case is WELL ventilated as well. If the case is hot inside you are already at a disadvantage. The case intenal temps should not be much hotter than the case exterior temps.

    Make sure all the dust is blown out of your case also.

    If you are overclocking and your GPU is running above 70deg C, your fan should be running at a high speed. Don't throttle it down.

  • DC
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    9 years ago

    Dude.. what is worse.. runnin a fan at full speed .. which it is designed to do or keep it throttled down and risk burning up your GPU? turn the fan up.. it's made to run full bore.. infact get more air running over the GPU to keep the temp down.. then test it. heat is the enemy here.. reduced heat means less problems.. even if it is on default.

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