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Anonymous asked in TravelCanadaOther - Canada · 1 decade ago

Does this map include Canada maps?

City Navigator North America NT 2008, Deluxe All Regions, Apr 07 . Its a garmin map thing if so how do i enter a canada address?

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  • SteveN
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    1 decade ago
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    Since it says "North America", it should include cities in USA, Canada, and Mexico. The streets will only be accurate up to April 2007, so you may need to download an update if available.

    How do you enter a Canadian address? Probably the same way as you do for an American one. You need the street address, city, and province.

    Here's one to try, which should be there...the street has been around since 1796.

    State/Province: Ontario (Abbr: ON)

    City: Toronto

    Address: 220 Yonge Street

    I don't know if your Garmin accepts postal codes, but you can try that and see. A Canadian postal code is like a zip code in USA, except it is much more accurate. Our postal codes can often pinpoint the odd or even side of a street in a particular city, or even a single apartment or office building.

    This is the postal code for 220 Yonge Street, the location of the Eaton Centre Shopping Mall.

    M5B 2H1

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