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Do you think displaying the Confederate flag is offensive?

For some, the Confederate flag is a negative symbol that brings to mind racism, slavery, and the Pre-Civil War era.

For some, it's just a representation of Southern Heritage.

What do you think about the Confederate Flag and why?

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    the Confederate flag isn't offensive at all. I suspect however you mean the "St Andrews Cross" Flag or the "Confederate Battle Flag" which was NOT the official flag of the Confederacy.

    The St. Andrews Cross flag was hijacked by racists elements; most notably the KKK and used as a symbol or racist oppression. It became offensive based on that misuse; not because of the Confederacy.

    Personally I don't see it as a problem but I'm certainly glad it's not on our states flag any longer. The New Georgia flag is, at least in my opinion, a better tribute to the confederacy than the racially divisive flag that flew over georgia (and many other states) previously.

    I don't think it should be banned however i usually avoid people that i see waving it... many are truly honoring their ancestors that fought bravely for the confederacy but there are certainly people that use it with racist intent.

    Note that Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee were both abolitionists. Most of the soldiers that fought in the confederacy had no vested interest in slavery and were fighting a war against the invading armies of the Union that had illegitimately invaded confederate territory and refused to remove their soldiers from Confederate property (such as Fort Sumter). That War of Northern Aggression essentially ended any concept of the states being a UNION of independent states and subordinated state authority under Federal control. A grievous departure from the original intent of the constitution that has grown steadily from that to the massive federal bureaucracy we have today.

    ** thanks joe, i do agree with that and i did say that the symbol of the "st andrews cross" was used by some as a racist symbol.. i just don't think it's something that should be banned. however i do give anyone waving it a wide berth. i personally am very pleased with the new Georgia flag because it does pay tribute to the confederacy without the use of the offensive cross.

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    If anyone does think it is offensive, they need to learn some correct history. The War for Southern Independence (civil war) was not about slavery. It was about state's rights, and independence from the tyrannical rule of Lincoln. If they are offended, then the yankee flag should be more offensive, because there was slavery under that flag for a long time before the CSA even existed. The worst part of slavery was when they were being shipped here, and the people in the north did that. The Confederate flag never flew over a slave ship. Furthermore, the modern KKK uses the yankee flag, and not just in the north. They are anti-confederate. Read the link, and look at the pictures.

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    It shouldn't be if thought of objectively...

    Slavery was a legal institution in this country for over 200 years. Africans were brought here by northern slave traders to be used in northern industry, long before the antebellum South or the Confederacy ever existed. From 1641, when Massachusetts first legalized slavery, until 1865, when the Confederate struggle for independence ended, slavery was a legal institution in America that lasted over 224 years. The Confederate battle flag flew for 4 of those 224 years, but the U.S. flag and its colonial predecessors flew over legalized slavery for ALL of those 224 years yet you don't hear too many people mentioning that..

    As for hate groups, they have desecrated the image of the Confederate flag in the same way they have desecrated the human race. Yes, there are people who misuse the flag, but the overall meaning of the flag as a heroic symbol cannot be forgotten because some people use it with ill intent. Hate groups also fly the American flag, quote Biblical passages, and burn crosses to promote their ideas. Should the Bible, American flag, and Crucifix be eradicated because of the fact that hate groups misuse them?

    The Confederate flag represents Southern heritage, Southern ideology, and Southern pride today in much the same way it did in 1861. The only people condemning it are the people who have not a clue of what they speak.

    GodlessH - Pennsylvania and California have some of the largest KKK membership numbers in the country. Are they southern rednecks? Don't use generalizations that facts cannot back up.

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    lots of people who fly that flag are doing it in memory of family who fought in that conflict. specific the South lost yet that does no longer erase the discomfort that some sense over the shortcoming of family contributors. For the main area it has no longer something to do with race; in spite of everything, the Emancipation Proclamation replaced into no longer till 1863 & hundreds had already died. i'm a Southener, i do no longer fly that flag. there have been many brave adult men on the two sides that died in that conflict. who're we to declare any delight for something we had no area in neither inflicting nor battling. The South lost. the celebs & Stripes is the flag for all; exhibiting that we are a united united states of america.

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    Good, bad or indifferent it is a representation of actual history in the US.

    It is part of of our make-up, for better or worse.

    Too bury it, is cowardly.

    We are allowing a Cordoba Mosque at ground zero with no cares about sensibilities.

    It doesn't matter who it offends, it's going up.

    If I choose to fly the confederate flag, I don't care who it offends and I can not be stopped anymore than radical Muslims can be stopped.

    That Mosque is a license to fly the CFS flag from the highest building in any town.

    Bet the liberals didn't count on having to deal with that when they got cozy with a Cordoba. Now deal with it or, will they once again apply a double standard?

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    Confederate Flag is history best not forgotten.

    It reminds me of the worst war ever in America history where Americans slaughtered each other over political beliefs. The South had no voice before the Civil War, and it's a shame 500,000+ Americans had to fight and die for political equality.

    If it weren't for the Civil War the North would still be the tyrant of the majority.

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    1. It's meaning and what it represents is subjective. It depends on who you ask.

    2. For me, it represents states' rights, the right to secede from a government if you so desire, etc.

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    It depends on the person who is displaying it, and the person who is viewing it.

    To many northerners, and many african americans, the confederate flag is a symbol of slavery/racism, and is viewed as an endorsement of slavery/racism. However, many southerners view the confederate flag as an expression of southern pride and an extension of racism.

    If the flag is meant to upset people, then it is upsetting. Personally, I think it's probably best to just avoid it, especially out of the south.

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    No, personally, I am a yankee so I would never fly it, but I have no problem with it, just so long as the Stars and Stripes are always flown above it, if flying both. If people want to fly it, that is there right.

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    It's just to support southern pride I'm from the north and some more people might find it offensive up here by down their they are just representing their southern pride

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