What's the general weather pattern of Missouri? (near Kansas City)?

in general, what month does it start to get cold enough to wear jackets and hoodies [right now it's crazy hooot] and when does it start snowing? And then, after the snow, when does it start to get warmer? if you live(d) in missouri, please help(x

thanks! :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    usually around kansas city it gets cold toward the middle to the end of september to the beginning of october, once it gets cold enough it starts to snow if there are and kind of wintry precipitation around the area. then when it gets closer to may and april things start to warm back up again and showers and thunderstorms start moving in ans snow moves out unless your in the rockey mountains.

    right now we are in the middle closer to the end of la nina, once la nina goes away shower and thunderstorms goes away and then el nino develops and snow moves into the united states.

    were getting closer to fall and that is when la nina starts dissapating and el nino starts to develop for winter and for the mountains to enjoy

    Source(s): i am a local weather meteorologist from the natiolal weather service
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