how to make dvd picture slideshow with music?

i made a video on windows movie maker and the file is WMV. I want to burn it to a dvd to watch on dvd player. Its pics and music. i have downloaded about 10 programs and gettin very aggravated the ones i tryed either have a watermark in the middle or dont play music or have messed up images through out the video. i tryed to convert it and it cuts the video in half. what should i do what programs and easiest way to do this so it will work. windows movie maker wont burn to dvd or if it does i aint figured it out. it does cds though. programs ive tried are avs4you, cheetah, convertxtodvd, totalvideotodvd, dvd flick, just to name a few. id like to make a dvd with pics and sound about 5 minutes long that will play on home dvd player thanks for your help


ok i just tried the Leawo Free DVD Creator and it puts a watermark in the middle of page, id like something that doesnt do that. thanks

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    I use E.M.Free DVD Photo Slideshow to help me make dvd picture slideshow with music.

    It is a totally free slideshow maker software that you can slideshow with transition, narration, illustration and so on.

    More details, you can refer to:

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    What I am using is Leawo Free DVD Creator. It can burn videos to dvd easily and quickly.Download Leawo Free DVD Creator here:;_ylt=A0oGkw22TZxLDE... Wish it can help, good luck!

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