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Do you think that the Turkey should recognise the Greek Pontian Genocide in 1916-1922 ?

The Pontian genocide of 1916-1922 is the most tragic page of Pontian Greek history. The Pontians had suffered a lot throughout their history of nearly 3.000 years, but the genocide was the most terrible of their misfortunes, for it deprived the Greeks of the Black sea not only of their friends and relatives, but also of their native land. And it is evident that remembrance of the genocide is necessary not only for relatives and descendants of the lost – such terrible facts of human history must be known to all. For if people forget about the pain of other people, if they pass it by with indifference, they kill inside their souls a part of their “humanity” – and this must not be allowed to happen, lest tragedies of this kind might be repeated…


cagatay you don't know about our Greek Pontian history you better shut the *u*k up

Update 2:

Moonshine Turkish Muslima the muslims unfortunatly did it and that's a historic fact that no one can deny it

Update 3:

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    Turkey should recognize the Armenian,Greek,Assyrian and Cypriot genocides NOW!The victims will sleep in peace when Turkey recognises and formally apologizes for their actions.The victims families,brothers don't want money,they want justice and redemption.

    Turkey should also apologize for its pogroms and give the real owners their land,homes and workplaces back.

    Turkey should also end the Turkish occupation of Cyprus.There isn't one day that we Cypriots are reminded of the occupation and the pain caused by Turkey.

    There's lots of things Turkey should do to be considered as a civilized nation.

    ps:Baris dont let them get to you.I am sure there are lots of people like me that know you are a good,truthful and honest person.

  • Leigh
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    4 years ago

    dude, you confused the time. 1922 was the independent war of Turkey

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    A first step towards recognizing that something happened then is the liturgy that the Patriarch will perform after 8 decades in the famous Monastery of Pangaea Soumela. The cradle of the Pontiac Christianity.

    May this first step be one of many that will clear issues between two countries that had nothing in fact to divide.

    They co-existed for ages in harmony in spite their differences. Political ambitions from both sides resulted in the extermination of many lives. It time to bury the issues and look forward but it has to be done from both sides. Denial of History will only result in repetition of the mistakes.

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    My grandad was a converted rum from ordu (Kotiora )and a proudfull member of TSK, as i have one vein.

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    Source(s): I dont think its up to heroic *sses. sende kimsin ?
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hi Volkan! Gosh you'll post anything

    just to throw my name around won't you?

    Or better yet accuse the asker of being Armenian,

    true huh? You just can't help yourself, you enjoy

    to much posting a question then coming quickly

    to try to smear another person or a country

    with a different account. You make it quite obvious, with

    that 2 word answer, and one of those

    two words being my profile name....

    So to tell you the truth I am just not sure if none of

    you posted the question just to be able to

    post such deceptive answers, but regardless,

    the answer still is of course they should....

    Oh but I still won't forget that such deception and

    foul play has occurred here today, just as

    most Armenians, Greeks, an

    Assyrians, will not forget the Genocides

    committed against their ancestors...

    With every little act of deception I see, it

    reminds me of what my poor ancestors were

    forced to endure...

    So today I can thank the above posters for such

    a privilege...

    Hey JJ, aka carol, aka high tec, jason,

    and list goes on an on So I'd

    say way less then you have, in fact not

    even 1/3 of what you have. And mine are

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    that is hardly the case is it?

    They are mostly all your accounts... Accept for those

    2 other fruitloops that you are always following

    forming a little tiny pack of gray wolves can claim the


    You don't scare me..HA

    @eros, thanks buddy :), but those kind words said

    about me will surely get ya accused of

    being my relative or something....

    Lots of paranoid delusional

    people around

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hello baris, how many Yahoo accounts do you have? Just wondering, no offense!!!!

  • 9 years ago

    you armenians always create so-called races and genocides... there is not happened a race in this name. it is crated from a myhtical horse name. what is pontian? you idiot...

  • 9 years ago

    No because Muslims don't do Genocides.

    “It’s not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide”

    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

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