wireless lan is not working in compaq c700, win xp, plz help?

after reformatting my laptop, my wireless lan is not working

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  • Jamfo
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    9 years ago
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    Since you reformatted your laptop, have you obtained all the drivers that you'll need to support the hardware in the unit? Specifically, you'll need the drivers that support the Wireless Network Card installed in your system.

    Almost all hardware in a computer, from the graphics card to the network card and wireless network cards, have special pieces of software called "drivers" that tell the operating system how to handle to hardware. Your wireless LAN card in your laptop will have a driver for Windows XP that "tells" Windows XP how to utilize the hardware. Without the driver, Windows XP doesn't know what to do with the wireless LAN card in the system.

    I'll bet that if you RIGHT click on 'My Computer' and go to PROPERTIES, cllick on the HARDWARE tab and then go to the Device Manager that you'll see a number of hardware items that are listed with a little yellow and black exclamation point next to them... this would be all the devices that Windows XP sees in the system but doesn't have drivers for.

    At this point, you need to install the drivers for all those devices before they will work. You have two options to do so:

    OPTION 1: If you have all the original materials that came with the laptop, you should also find a recovery disc that has all the pre-installed software and drivers that came with the computer when you purchased it. Use this disc to re-install all the custom software and drivers. This should get you back up and running.

    OPTION 2: If you don't have the original materials, you are going to have to use a second computer and a flash drive to download the drivers you need from Compaq's support website ( http://www.compaq.com/country/cpq_support.html ) and transfer the install files to the laptop you reformatted. You can then run the installation files to restore your missing drivers.

    Once you have the proper hardware drivers installed, you should be able to get your computer back up and running on your wireless network.

    Good luck!

  • juieta
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    3 years ago

    first examine your community connections folder and spot if the on the spot connection is indexed, if no longer your driving force information could be long gone...no remember if it incredibly is then enable it and fix via suitable clicking on the icon and choosing those suggestions. some laptops have a change or button to teach off the on the spot, examine yours is on.

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