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How do I make 5 million dollars in 48 hours?

My friends bail is set at 5 million US dollars and I have 48 hours to come up with the money any ideas

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    LoL Good Luck with that your friend is going to love jail i take it he is a repeated offender if it is 5mill bail or attempted murder/rape...Or drugs, Well anywho tough luck if you can't do the time don't do the crime. Let his a$$ get beaten by bubba and he'll learn his lesson even though i doubt he will get out anytime soon ahhahahahahahahahahahahah---He got 6years i bet, freedom is a beautiful thing i don't know why anyone would want to act like a gangster and get locked up some people love the attention and see how far they can go with messing with johnny law. No way to make 5mill if it was that easy people will be living on starfish island and driving lambos everyday.

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    just start printing press and print duplicate currencies

    i hope that will make you 5 million dollars in two days

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  • start buying as much lottery tickets you can.. this will show your friend that you gave a try to make the money.. if you won then your friend is lucky..

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    This a worthless question, not even feasible. You need to choose better friends

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    Could your friend's parent and other family members put a lend on their house.

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