Character name help please?

Ok, so I am writing a story (not going into detail about what it is about) and I am still debating over names for *some* of my characters. I have already picked names for a few of them, but I still can't pick names for 3 of the main characters, plus a few of the background characters.

1. A girl with black clothes and blacker makeup. She has black hair, red highlights and blue eyes, but not a dark personality to match-she is actually warm, funny and a good friend. I imagine her to look a little bit like this:

The two names I liked for her were Lina and Trixie. Has to be one of those names please.

2. Your typical sex-pest tough guy. Thinks he is all man, but is actually quite insecure. Has brown hair and brown eyes.

3. Kind and sensitive guy. Not allowed to express himself because of his demanding girlfriend (the queen bee of the school) , he eventually comes into his own and realises who he really is. Has light brown hair and blue eyes.

There were a few names I liked for the boy characters, but I thought they would suit them both, so which name would best suit which character?

Characters 2./3. (could work for either) Aaron, Garrett, Hunter , Tony, Jason, Kyle, Ashton, Alex, Drew, Justin, Brandon, Jordan, Zack, Connor, Devon, Chase, Jonah, Joel.

Plus I haven't thought of names for the cheerleaders, the teachers or the popular girl's minions! Can you help me pick names that would:

Suit a cheerleader (need 4 names)

Suit a popular and sort-of-rich girl (need 3 names)

Be good for a teacher (need 6 names)

5 Stars go to the best answer!


Surnames for the teachers. They are of both sexes. Don't mind how many of each sex you do though, the are not at all main characters.

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    Okay, for character one I would definitley go for Lina. I just think it suits the girl in the picture more than Trixie does. Having said that, Trixie is a very fun sounding name so if she is a fun person I would go with Trixie.

    For character 2 I like Chase, Jordan or Ashton.

    For character 3 I like Joel, Brandon, Alex or Kyle.

    Cheerleader Names:













    Rich Girl:








    Mr Hennerson (First Name Geoffrey)

    Miss Honeywell (First Name Marissa)

    Mr Garson (First Name Patrick)

    Mrs Webster (First Name Fiona)

    Mrs Rimmington (First Name Patricia)

    Mr Breese (First Name Chris)

    Mr Martin (First Name Scott)

    Mrs Wray (First Name Maureen)

    Mr Marshall (First Name Deklan)

    I just used the names of my teachers from school for the teacher names!

    Good luck with your book :)

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    Definitely NOT Trixie for the first girl - it's just too cute and fluffy and for some reason i'm always reminded of a fluffy black dog. Go for Lina.

    For character 2 - you want a strong name - the less syllables the more masculine a name sounds. I'd go with Kyle - it's a strong 'punchy' name

    Character 3 - I'd say go with Ashton - it sounds a bit soft but it's cool especially since the character comes into his own later on

    Cheerleader names - Roxanne, Phoebe, Adriana, Danielle

    Popular, rich girl - Tiffany, Kaileigh, Natasha

  • 1. Trixie All the way.

    2. Ashton just seems like it goes better

    3. Joel it had a more soft sound to it witch may fit the character

    Cheerleaders- Sarah, Kayla, Ashley, Stacey

    Rich girls- Alayna, Mariah, Shay

    Teachers- Miss Anglewood, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Jefferies, Mr. Biano, Mr. Lachlan

    Source(s): hope i helped
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    1. TRIXIE for sure!!! When I opened the link though, the first name that name to my head was Jade.. But that girl is a Trixie.

    2. Connor ir Jake.

    3. Ashton 100%.

    Cheerleader: Ashlee, Hayden, Lauren, Paige.

    Popular Rich Girl: Drea, Adriana, Rachel.

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    Well it seems you already have lots of answers. Hmm

    i will go for Lina for the girl

    for the typical sex pest guy i would take Devon

    for the kind and sensetive i would take Kyle.

    and for cheerleaders i would have Hannah, Alexandra, Ashley and Natasha ? susan?

    (Natasha to make it a bit more spicy?)

    for rish girls i would go with Emma, Lilly, Lisa (or Victoria) and Josefine

    for teacher names i would take Kyle Brooker, Joan katerson, Carla nillson? and Molly Kean.

    Some are the teachers in my school ^^

    good luck

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    well for number 1. the first word that came into my mind was tree but i like trixie better. it kinda gives character to her. Even the name is fun to say - trix-ie.

    2. Michael or Mike as his friends call him? actually Nathan isn't that bad either. out of yours Brandon or Aaron

    3. Jayden; i dont know why i like this name but it makes me think of some super special guy. when you say his name it isn't brusque but it's soft it kinda melts when you say it unlike mike. out of yours Jason or Joel or maybe i have a thing for J's?

    cheer leader: Stacey/Tracy (one or the other) Laurie, Ciara, Ally

    popular and rich: well if she's rich i assume her family's wealthy and prestigious

    she might be named after her grandparents and that would be oldish like Mary/Marriott, Elizabeth or Stephanie

    Mr. Hugh Janus JKS Mr. Hugh Kingsley [more suitable for a guy thats not young but not old]

    Ms. Terry O'Shaughnessy [suitable for an old female teacher]

    Miss. Taylor Fletcher [suitable for a fairly young teacher]

    Mr Gordon Hoban [the last names belong to my favorite humanities teacher; he's a hilarious guy]

    Mrs Arneil [not sure about a first name]

    Mr Collings or Mr Scott?

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    I like how you think Hayden. Your right, its absolutely a tick off when you see these questions posted anywhere on the enternet "I need a name" or "Whats a good name for...". When I brainstormed my book the names came naturally to me. I would choose a name from a favorite book , and choose from another to make an entirely original name (Like "Josseir". I got "Joss" from Gaurdians of Ga'hoole, and mixed it with a name from Prosperoe's Children. Most young writers today spend hours trying to find the perfect name, and half of them know that all they're doing is destracting themselfs from writing. Its rubbish! Almost all young writers have no clue how to even publish a book (I myself spent an entire summer writing details down, asking famouse writers how they did it. and I am a young writer) They dont know how to start or where it ends.

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    This may soundsyupid but it will help you think of names - think about which famous film stars your characters resemble or look like. Then wikipedia their filmography's and look down the list of characters they played in films and use one of those names as usually in film their character name suits their look etc. It's also loads more useful than trying to think up ones - that's what I do when I need to do school work, I had a sort of smart/average kid who became a bit cockey and it reminded me of Tom Cruise in Risky Business so I called him Joel! it does work :)

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    1) Trixie

    2) Drew

    3) Chase

    Cheerleader: Kelly,Angie,Whitney,Stephanie

    Popular: Angel,Angelica,Adrianne

    Teachers: Mrs. Roxs, Mr. dale, Mrs. Rose,Mr. Ryan,Mrs. Fox,Mr. Res

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    Lina deffinatly. Trixie sounds like you tried too hard. Like no offence or anything, but when have you ever heard someone named trixie that looks like that? Sounds like its too planned out. Lina sounds much better.

    -Guy 2 (out of your names you chose)

    Garrett. I really love that name, and it sounds pretty macho. This is my first choice.

    Ashton. LOVE this name, second choice.




    -Guy 2 (out of names i came up with)

    Luke seems like a really manly name.



    -Guy 3 (out of names you chose)

    Aaron. I like this the best for him



    Joel (thats my dads name, haha and he fits the bill pretty well xD)

    -Guy 3 (out of names I came up with)

    Aiden. Out of all the names, I like this best.













    Rich Girl:









    Ms. Leighann Feola

    Mr. Chris Ator

    Mrs. Chrystal Rymond

    Mrs. Rosa Stevens

    Mr. Steve Falabell

    Miss. Kate Notaro

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