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Welcome to TWA Revenge with a WQ and Rate the show or Pick the Winners?

WQ) Who was last World Champion on Smackdown for this year

Last week Winners

The Lone Wolves

Awesome Kong 8

Evan Bourne


Event 1: The Undertaker in the middle of ring, as his Theme Song is play thoughout the Area, he calls for his partners, to bring the Woman who is Important to Cena, down with them, on the Wooden Cross to make her pay for Sins for the crimes Cena has committed... He goes on to Say at Summerslam will be the day of Judgement for Cena but tonight will be example of what lies ahead when he buries his career in Casket match

Cena's Wife cries for help as The Cross begins to Raise to as the Sacrificial is about to take place

Cena: Undertaker Stop what you are doing, I will give you anything you want, List your Demands doesn't matter, just leave my Love ones out of this, your battle is with me not them nor the fans, whatever problem you have should be taken out on me this way I can fight back and give you what's coming to you, for making my family's life a living Hell and all these Mind-games will stop here Tonight, he starts running to the ring

They begin fighting for a couple of minutes, Exchanging punches back and forth, until Cena knocks Undertaker down, The Ministry Quickly come to his Defense, with Sting using his Signature Baseball Bat, they beat on Cena until he can no longer Defend himself, Undertaker decides to go for Chokeslam but later changes his mind and goes for Steel Chair he aims at Cena head who quickly rolls out of the ring, he lowers the cross and leaves with his Wife as they both go towards the back,Lighting Strikes the Cross within a few seconds. Undertaker Laughs

Event 2) Desmond Wolfe with (Bryan Danielson & Austin Aries) vs Evan Bourne

After the match The Lone Wolves starts beating Evan Bourne as suddenly Bryan Danielson tries to stop Wolfe and Aries as Danielson gets on mic and says guys no more i cant do this as Wolfe asks why what happened Danielson i never thought we had a girl in The Lone Wolves who cries all the time as Danielson says well thats not funny i am honestly tired of being a bad guy as Aries says oh really do you think that The Lone Wolves are the bad guys hey Bryan you know what bad guys do? as suddenly Austin Aries knocks Danielson out and The Lone Wolves starts beating Bryan Danielson as Evan Bourne tries to help Danielson but The Lone Wolves easly handles them as Wolfe says Bryan you did a mistake by leaving us because without us your nothing but a crap

Event 3) Cody Rhodes vs Gregory Helms

Triple Threat Divas Match

Event 4) Melina vs Alicia Fox vs Eve Torres

Promo 5) At Summerslam the TWA TV Title will be in the Line in Ultimate X Match, which I thought would be only filling for these three gifted wrestlers, to end their Rivalry in a Match which Holds No Limits, Whoever walks out of this will be clear Winner and I am proud to announce You the Viewers will witness many more matches like these in TWA, right here on Revenge..

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The Fortunate Sons:

Ted Dibiase: You know what, I have no problem taking my place in History, We already know who the Winner will be, and I should be appreciated for stealing the show last week, and will do so again when I rightfully grab my Title from the two losers you force me to wrestle with, but enough about me, I am here for my dear baby bother. You see he wants Title Shot at the Light Heavyweight Title next Week

Brett Dibiase: That's right because We are the The Fortunate Sons: that alone should at least give us some pull around here in TWA, as easy as it is to get the girls to be around us, being Self made millionaires that simple isn't enough, sure these are the most beautiful womans money' can give us. but we need Gold to be put on our shoulders for our endless Photoshoots at Playboy Mansion.

GM Ash: Sure, Sure I accept just ask Hugh Hefner, if I could come :3

Oh by the way you have a match up next

Event 6) Tag Team Match

The Fortunate Sons Ted Dibiase & Brett Dibiase vs RVD & Chavo Guerrero

Event 7) The Undertaker vs The Pope D'Angelo


During the match Paul Bearer comes out as The Undertaker was not on his 100% after his brawl with John Cena earlier tonight as Bearer starts screaming wake up The Undertaker i beg you please wake up for the darkness as Bearer gets the urn into his hands and starts praying for The Undertaker as The Undertaker slowly starts getting back in action

Barbed Wire Massacre for TWA World Championship

Main event) © Edge vs MVP

(I choose the winner of this match for storyline purposes)

Update 2:

For the first Fifteen minutes Edge is mostly winning, he already had hit most of his Signature moves, has made his opponent taste his blood, now is looking to putting this match away, problem is he keeps getting near two count Pin-Falls, MVP who has taken a beaten refuses to quit, and starts fighting with everything he has left inside his body, including nailing Edge with DDT, Face first though Trash Can, picks up 2 and half count Pin-fall. he smashes Steel Chair on Edge and then Busts his face open with Steel Steps, Now Both wrestlers are Bleeding with their blooding pouring down on their faces &chest. after beating each other everywhere in the building for another ten minutes MVP decides to go for Drive-By Kick, but Edge counters it his own version of DDT. He slowly gets up and Prepares for the Spear, only to end up missing since MVP saw it coming and jump out of the way, he goes for Drive-By Kick again, but made a fatal mistake in Main Event, Edge grabs the Fire extinguisher

Update 3:

only to Spray the Misted Water in his opponent eyes.

MVP takes a minute to try get back his Sight only to walk into Edge's Spear 1-2-3

Winner and Still Champion Edge

End of Show

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    Match#1: Desmond Wolff beats Evan Bourne

    Match#2: Gregory Helms beats Cody Rhodes

    Match#3: Alicia Fox beats Eve and Melina

    Match#4: The DiBiase's win

    Main Event: The Undertaker defeats The Pope.

    RATING: 10/10, TWA Revenge gets a great Rating once again from the EWE Chairman and it's former GM!

    WQ: IDK?

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Evan Bourne 10/10

    Alicia Fox 8/10

    Cody Rhodes 8/10

    The Fortunate Sons 9/10

    The Undertaker 9/10

  • 1 decade ago

    Desmond Wolfe hit Tower of London on Bourne 1-2-3

    Cody Rhodes defeated Gregory Helms in good match

    Alicia Fox defeated Melina with quick roll-up pin 1-2-3

    RVD hit 5 Star Frog Splash on Brett Dibiase 1-2-3

    Undertaker used Hell's Gate to make D'Angelo Submit in pain

    WQ: Rey Mysterio

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Match 1-Ted DiBiase TWA Tag Team Titles Ministry of Darkness TWA Light Heavyweight Title Brett DiBiase Big Show Main Event All American- Swagger) Great 10/10

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  • 1 decade ago

    Desmond Wolfe

    Gregory Helms


    The Fortunate Sons

    The Undertaker

    Great Show

  • 1 decade ago

    Evan Bourne 10/10

    Alicia Fox 8/10

    Cody Rhodes 8/10

    The Fortunate Sons 9/10

    The Undertaker 9/10

    WQ: Rey Mysterio

    Source(s): My Rating 10/10
  • 1 decade ago

    Evan Bourne

    The Undertaker

    Ted Dibiase Jr & Brett Dibiase

    Eve Torres


    Just a bit to long but Good Show 9/10

    Source(s): Rey Mysterio
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.Cody Rhodes

    2.Desmond Wolfe


    4.The Fortunate Sons

    5.The Undertaker

    Parts I like..

    Main Event with Edge Winning

    Event Number 1

    Event Number 2

    Promo Number 5

    Rey Mysterio Jr

    Source(s): Great Show 10/10
  • 1 decade ago

    Desmond Wolfe

    Cody Rhodes

    Eve Torres

    RVD & Chavo Guerrero

    The Undertaker

    wq: 619

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