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Your Pro Wrestling Government?

I heard a quote from Jesse Ventura saying there should be a wrestler in the White House. So, I thought this wuold be fun.

Pick at least a President and Vice President please, for example, here is mine.

President- Chris Jericho

Vice President- 'The Phenominal' AJ Styles

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    President Shawn Michaels

    -He has shown leadership abilities throughout his career and I think he would be able to respond to the hate that would come with being the President

    Vice President Triple H

    -How could Shawn be President without having Hunter as VP?

    Speaker of the House Chris Jericho

    -The Speaker of the House is generally very different from the President and VP. I think Jericho would do a pretty good job keeping them in line

    President pro tempore of the Senate Ric Flair

    -To be the Pro Tempre you have to have quite a bit of experience, who has more of that than Flair?

    Secretary of State Christopher Daniels'

    -The Secretary of State handles Foreign affairs and lets face it Christopher Daniels has fought all arounf the world and speaks numerous different languages.

    Secretary of the Treasury Jeff Jarrett

    -The Main job of the Secretary of Treasury would be handeling the recession. Jeff Jarrett built his own company from the ground up. He took a thousand dollar industry and made it a Multimillion Dollar industry

    Secretary of Defense Farooq

    -think about the APA, their main job was defense so I think he would do a pretty good job

    Attorney General the Biig Bossman (RIP)

    -Back in High School My Government Teacher always refered to the Attorney General as the "Yop Cop of the USA" and who fits that role better than the late Biig Boss Man

    Secretary of Veterans Affairs Seargent Slaughter

    -Who would represent the Veterans better than 1 of there own

    I think I have done enough lol

    Source(s): The Day is Near
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    President: The Rock

    VP: Triple H

    Source(s): The whole F'n show
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    President: Triple H/Shawn Michaels

    Vice President: Shawn Michaels/Triple H

    (Depending on which DX Era you like more)

    President: Jim Ross

    Vice President: Jerry 'The King' Lawler

    (Slogan: Barbecue and Puppies!)

    President: Randy Orton

    Vice President: Ted DiBiase, Jr.

    Speaker of the House: Cody Rhodes

    I could probably think of numerous combinations I'd like to see in government, but these three came to mind first.

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