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what is a tire rotation?

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    tire rotation is the process of putting the front tires of your car onto the back wheels and putting the back wheels onto the front of the car.

    this helps the tires last longer and ensures even wear of the tires.

    see, when you drive a front wheel drive car the tires have to do double work---drive the car and steer the car. this causes them to wear faster than the back tires which don't have to provide any locomotion effort and also don't have to turn to either direction---they just sit in the back and are towed along with the car.

    so if you never rotate your tires your front ones will wear out much faster and need to be replaced sooner.

    but if you rotate the back tires to the front and move the front tires to the back, then the tires from the back have to provide the locomotive and steering effort. and the tires that used to be on the front but which are now on the back just get to coast along.

    all in all, it helps you to maximize the time that you have with tires on the front of the vehicle that have lots of tread and good traction.

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    Tire is the most important part of cars and this vital part also work as a director of a car. In general sense tire rotation means the replacement of wheel of a car. If any car were faced wheel problem, the owner or authority of the car takes step to repair this. Mechanical part is the vital part of any car, the operator should have common knowledge about it.

    In another sense, tire rotation means the replacement of tire when it occurs unexpected incidents in emergency time. This system is very important for journey especially in long journey. Tire rotation can possible if the extra tire is available in the car.

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    rotating the tires is when you move the tires from front to back and from side to side. The purpose is to even the wear on tires. The site below will tell you where they are moved to. Each type of vehicle whether 2 wheel drive, all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive get rotated differently.

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    what is a tire rotation?

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    tire rotation

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    It's where you take the front tires and swap them out with the back ones, and put the back ones on the front. On a rear wheel drive vehicle, the rear tires wear out faster than the front so you want your tires to wear evenly.

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    Basically the process and switching your tires around... I switch mine sometimes from front to back or left to right.. in order to prevent wear and make them last longer

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    They just pick the car up and move the tires to different spots on the car. It just helps them wear more evenly.

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