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JJ Hardy vs. Alcides Escobar?

Who would you say is better/ who would you rather have on your team

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    see, if i was the Brewers i'd rather have JJ. This is why. I know Escobar is a better hitter, and has the potential to be a better fielder...but before this season, The brewers could have traded Escobar and gotten a #2 starter. I would take JJ, and a #2 pitcher in return for Escobar, and clearly be a better team long term.

    And the Brewers got NOTHING for JJ anyways. Carlos Gomez is a nobody. He completely sucks.

    To answer your question. Escobar is better.

    I'd rather have JJ and trade Escobar. Escobar looks like a player that will peak at around a .280 batting average if you're lucky.

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    Escobar is younger....a better fielder. JJ is probably a better hitter but was slumping almost a whole year.

    Escobar, with the big upside is the one I like.

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