Droid Eris: Switching gmail accounts on the phone?

Ok so I got a new gmail account that I would like to use to sync with my Droid Eris. But I already have my old email synced to it. I keep telling my phone to sync the contacts and such to the new email but it wont do it. I try to delete the old email but it says I would have to factory reset my phone? How can I switch my contacts over to the new email and delete the old?

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    Once the new Gmail account is set up on the phone, make sure the contacts are synced. Then log in to the new one on the computer and make sure that all your contacts show up in there.. You can't remove the old Gmail account from the phone, but you can turn sync off for it so that the calendar, email, and contacts are never synced again, and just use the new one. The only thing you cant do is sync the calendar with the new account, since you can only sync calendar with one Gmail account, and thats the old one that you originally set up on the phone. You would have to factory reset and set up the new Gmail account as the default one in order to do that..

    Source(s): I know a lot about Verizon- hope it helps- msg me w/ questions :)
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    Actually the best way to switch the e-mail is to link them first. What happens is you have to slowly migratee you information over to google. It won't let you just switch them. SO:

    1-Create a gmail account with the same name as your old contact.

    2-Next link the account together.

    3-Then start copying over the contact's info.

    4-Next unlink the account.

    5-Verify the contact info is sync'd to gmail.

    6-Delete the old one.

    That's the only way to do it. Sorry nothing fast.

    Good luck with your endeavor....

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