Are MLS teams slowly getting better??? (Not trying to make a stupid question. Just curious)?

Well there are some MLS teams that have played friendlies against top european teams this year. Some of them have beaten them or tied them. Does this show that MLS teams are getting better and better if they aren't getting routed?????

Im not trying to make a stupid question. Im just curious to know if these MLS teams are getting somewhere with these international friendlies.

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    Well MLS is bringing in more and more quality players so it is improving the league greatly because players are sarting to see and learn from the quality that these players are bringing in. Also attendance rates are rising so it is provoking these players to play harder and harder. this is why the seattle sounders are a very interestng team to watch, they get 25,000+ every home game. Also these friendlies are helping them but they arent playing the best players on thse teams so they are unrealistic results.

    You arent stupid i have definantly been noticing the play get better and better through the years. LA Galaxy s almost up there with some of the top teams.

    What would really make the games more interesting is if they introduced a relegation and promotion sytem like they have in the premiere league, because this would make even the worst teams in the MLS want to play harder, but they cant do this right now because of financial issues.

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    well its the pre season for some top european clubs and there top stars are on a mini vacation while subs and reserves get play time and play MLS clubs

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