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OIL PAINTING. Question about solvents help?

I recently bought a set of student oil paints and have a question about the different solvents I can use to thin done the paint. I have used turpentine in the past but this released a really strong unbearable odor that after researching it a little more I discoverd it is not at all safe because it can catch cloths on fire. When in painting class my instructor recommended linseed oil but I think it can be as harmful. I am looking for safer less flammable alternatives. I read about walnut and cytrus mediums but I am not sure if they will produce the same great results as the turpentine. ??? Help !any of you guys know?

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    Look into odorless turps and mediums for oils. Turpenoid is a product found in art supply stores that works like Turpentine but without the odor.

    As always follow directions on the container and if you do you will be safe.

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    Firstly, turpentine and linseed oil do totally different things to oil paints.

    They are not substitutes for one another.

    In fact, they do the complete opposite.

    Anyways, look into Gamsol and Liquin.

    Gamsol is a low-toxicity solvent, and can be used a turpentine substitute.

    Though, solvents are not even necessary at all when painting.

    Liquin is a low-toxicity medium, which helps improve flow, gloss and transparency.

    It is also fairly inert, and odorless.

    I recommend you try it.

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    I think its just a matter of how quickly you want the paint to dry. For instance, Linseed Oil would take a looong time to dry, Boiled Linseed Oil dries quicker but still takes a long time. The three you list dry much quicker.

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    Open the windows and also use a good respirator like painters use. They are about $20-$30 at Home Depot. They really cut a whole bunch of the fumes out.

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