What's this whole blood diamond thing between naomi cambell and mia farrow?

I just don't get it.. Please explain :D

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    Charles Taylor former warlord and former President of Liberia, is on trial for war crimes. One of the charges against him, is that he traded weapons for conflict diamonds from Sierra Leone, therefore fuelling the war and misery in that country.

    Cambell met Taylor and was given as a gift, conflict diamonds. Cambell has sworn, that she didn't know what they were(it is illegal to have anything to do with conflict diamonds) and didn't know anything about it, until some men knocked on her door and gave them to her in the middle of the night. Farrow contradicts this and says that Cambell told her that she was going to get the diamonds and knew all about it, before she received them. If what farrow says, is true(which I think it is), Cambell would have knowingly accepted conflict diamonds, which is illegal. However, Cambell is not on trial and the purpose of this ,is to prove that Taylor was using and trading in conflict diamonds.

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    AHH you said blood diamond and it reminded me of the movie Leonardo DiCaprio is in lol

    Oh sorry, I don't know the answer to your question. But you reminded me of Leo!

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