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Can somebody please!! help me with Africa after 1945?

1. By 1913, only the African nations of _____ and _____ remained independent and free from colonization.

A)Ethiopia, Liberia B)Ethiopia, South Africa

C)Liberia, Ghana D)Nigeria, South Africa

2. Which of the following statements about the European colonial powers is correct?

A)They were careful not to divide ethnic and cultural groups.

B)They believed in a democratic rule.

C)They ruled by force and oppression.

D)They had the consent of the people being governed.

3. "Nation-state" is the idea that _____.

A)everyone in the state shares the same language

B)everyone who shares the same language and culture should be united under one government

C)everyone in the state shares the same culture

D)All of the answers are correct.

4. Which answer is NOT a problem faced by multi-ethnic countries in Africa after independence?

A)Ethnic disputes B)Inadequate natural resources

C)Religious disputes D)Language barriers

5. The British used a practice called _____ in which they managed African colonies through local African leaders.

A)indirect rule B)direct rule

C)traditional rule D)colonialism

6. The African elite, hand-picked by the European powers to help rule the colonies, were divided from the other local Africans by ________

A)age groups B)wealth

C)ethnicity and wealth D)No answer is correct.

7. Which of these answers is NOT a factor that led to decolonization movements in Africa?

A)Urbanization B)Greed

C)Education D)Pan-Africanism

8. What was the main problem for independence movements in Africa?

A)Lack of national identity B)Fear of the colonialists

C)Apathy D)No answer is correct.

9. African leaders were encouraged to seek their own independence based on the example of the independence movement in _____.

A)Liberia B)Vietnam

C)India D)China

10. Why did Africans not fight for independence from the colonial powers before the 1940s?

A)After years of oppression at the hands of the Europeans, many Africans thought the Europeans were invincible.

B)They did not have the necessary training, weapons, or ammunition.

C)They preferred colonial rule to self rule.

D)Colonial rule was far more fiar and humane earlier.

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    Ethiopia and Liberia are the correct answers for question one

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    39. What could be considered the beginning of the Cold War? - Stalin's refusal to remove Soviet troops from Eastern Europe as agreed at Yalta in 1945 40. Name the U.S. policy toward communism following World War II. - containment 41. What was the original purpose of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), formed in 1949? - to form a bloc of western nations to defend against Soviet aggression 42. What June 1950 action caused the United Nations to respond with military action? - China invaded North Korea. 43. How did the Korean War end? - with a cease fire and the establishment of a demilitarized zone along the 38th parallel - with a treaty agreeing to a divided, communist nation One or both of these 44. Which U.S. senator of the 1950s began investigating famous people on suspicion of communist activity? - Joseph McCarthy 45. Which president cautioned the United States about the importance of monitoring the power of the military-industrial complex? - you're on your own here 46. The significant growth in population following World War II is called - the baby boom. 47. What was one reason for the interstate highway system begun in the 1950s? - It was part of the economic recovery plan after the Depression. 48. How did television affect American society beginning in the 1950s? - Television promoted a common culture. 49. What was one unique element of the election of 1960? - It was the first election to use televised debates. 50. What did not play a significant role in the civil rights movement? - the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower as president

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