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I need to lower my blood pressure. How do I do it?

My blood pressure increases very quickly and I need for it to be lower in order to pass a physical abilities test at work. How can do it? It's very important that I pass this test to keep my job.

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    Healthy diet - eat less cholesterol-rich foods. There are a lot. Avoid eating oily and fatty foods. Resist fast food.

    Exercise - jogging is good. If you don't have much time to exercise or go to the gym, you can just jog at mornings inside your house

    Relax - don't overthink and worry much about your test. Remember that being stressed increases blood pressure.

    Healthy and natural supplements - these supplements help keep your blood pressure lower. Although many would opt to take pills, I'm afraid these have side effects in the future.

    Source(s): I read it here http://www.bloodpressurelower.net/ and also based on family experience
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    You cant as ur body who are controlling the blood pressure, there is no way to low the blood pressure

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