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i don't think i can do it anymore, please help!?

Ok this may sound a little...well alot crazy but i feel the worlds against me and everyone is out to get me Im scared and i feel so alone. I don't trust anyone and i have been isolating myself more and more

i just want to know whats wrong with me?

I have though about going to the doctors but i have never been on my own so i would not know what to to also i don't know if they would tel my parents. Im 16 and live in the uk.

I cant talk to a friend as i don't really have any and we don't have any school counselors or anything like that

i have not left the house for over 2 weeks and just looking at myself in the mirror makes me feel sick i have no self confidence and feel that everyone hates me :(

Why do i feel like this?

Also i have been self harming just a little cut on my arm not too deep but enough so it bleeds i used to be scared of death but now i welcome the though...Don't tell me to talk to anyone as i cant i don't trust anyone enough

I have been over eating and cant sleep and just want to die

Whats wrong with me???

I just put a front on so no one notices and i cant do it anymore i have been pretending everything ok for to long

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    Firstly I will say that you are not crazy. Older people always look at children and wish life was as easy as kids see it. For most people there is normally a slow transition into the 'real' and (sometimes) harsh world, however some find it out very quickly and it is a distressing and unpleasant realisation. Life is hard work and has a lot of 'ups and downs'. The key point of that last statement is that it includes the word ‘ups’. The world sometimes gets overbearing, yet it uncontrollably swings around in the other direction and will bring you such joy!

    A lack of trust in others is not uncommon and people do mask this with a front. You have worked out from experience that some people should not be trusted, however don't forget to realise that not everyone is that way inclined. At present your lack of distrust could have stemmed from parents, embarrassment, tormenting, etc and it is hard to deal with, however it could eventually be character building and will become noticeable it the way you treat others and your methods of conversation. This is a good thing as you now realise ‘what not to do’ and you will treat others with the respect they deserve. It will be hard to accomplish this realisation however if you sit around your house and get ‘stir crazy’ this will further feeling of being down on yourself and your lack of confidence. When you look in the mirror and see yourself as ‘ugly’, you have just forgotten that there is always someone uglier than you because EVERYONE has a different idea of what is ugly. If it is people saying that you are ugly and making you feel the way you do, they will no doubt have issues of their own. The last statement is not very helpful to you, but hopefully you realise that you will have to work out and draw a line (always reassess this line however!) as to how much trust you can put into different people and then enjoy what’s left (and eventually, if possible, learn to take everything else with a pinch of salt). Don't forget that generally people will be great company and be loyal friends.

    I have known friends who self harm and it provided a ‘release’ and a distraction from their depression. It is a very extreme method which will further lower your self-esteem and provide a permanent reminder of how much you hate yourself, therefore I would advise strongly against it. If it is a distraction that you are after, take a step backwards and look at what you actually find interesting and what gives you motivation and happiness...start trying out different fun things! An easy example would be to leave the house and explore the world in a different way and this will help you to stop getting ‘stir crazy’ indoors and could provide more inspiration than the internet (I’m guessing it’s the summer holidays too?).

    Overall you are young and still have a lifetime ahead of you that will be packed with such great memories that you will miss being young. Time will change everything and you will become someone with many devoted and loyal friends/family and you will hopefully be able to offer wisdom to others experiencing similar problems and make a difference to the world. It’s a ridiculous idea to even think about ending your life and it is seen as a cowards way out, and somewhere inside you, you must find that it is NOT the answer and know that there are people out there you will bring such meaning to their life...I promise.

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    you are hurt by someone or some unfortunate past decision or event. If you could recall it and resolve it, things would be much improved. It could be something huge like seeing a dead person or as small as being denied someones attention. I feel that you are perhaps procrastinating your growth. You are between adolescence and adulthood and now you are busy experimenting with unproductive methods of self realization. This problem is like a great unknowing feeling and it unfortunately has resulted in many unfortunate decisions made by young people. If you do not stop hurting yourself and you continue toward being antisocial matters will only become difficult to deal with to say the least. You are at a beautiful age. Why limit yourself? Maybe you have learned some bad habits. Maybe because you are so distrustful of everyone and then everyone really does have a problem trusting you. There is fear and worry in your eyes. You have lost contact with your inner spirit which is a mighty powerful part of you. If you could forgive yourself and others, that would be a start at doing well. You should do the opposite of how you feel. Either get some guts and stand up to this world or it will seem to stand up against you. You may need help so please don't be afraid. I was just like you but I took my own advice, talked to a psychologist and I now laugh at how I had allowed things to cause me such immense anxiety. Never again, I was brave and I did get help.

    Source(s): cognitive therapy helped me realize my own inner strengths.
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    You're in a bad slump. You, myself and many others have been where you are.

    You need to realize that this will pass in time. You need a fresh look at life. Try some things closer to nature to find some inner peace. Get out and walk a nature trail, go fishing, etc and look around you at this beautiful world. This will give you temporary relief while you work on the problems you face.

    This low spot you're experiencing WILL pass. Tomorrow could be a better day and will if you let it happen.

    You're young and still going through a lot of mental and physical changes. Keep yourself together and ride through this, it will get better. Life is such a precious gift you lucky dog. Trust me, it gets so much better.

    Ps. Do not smoke weed or do drugs. You need to be clear and natural for awhile till you heal and grow. You are not alone.

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    I think you are depressed. It has been going on for 2 weeks so that means it is time to seek medical help. You need to speak to a doctor and you probably need some counseling. The doctor might prescribe some medication and that with the counseling will help you with these feelings. Don't wait any longer. Stop hurting yourself. Look in the phone book, I am sure there are hot line numbers for you to call and those people can help you get started and you can remain anonymous until you feel that you can trust them.

    These feelings probably aren't going to just go away. Make the call. Get some help.

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    You probably have depression or another type of mental illness. This seems serious so you should definitely see a doctor and find out what's going on. Having a mental illness is becoming more and more common because it's becoming more and more accepted. Don't be ashamed about this.

    As for not having any friends or not trusting anyone that really sucks. People can be so mean but don't let them get you down.

    Please see a doctor and good luck!

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    10 years ago

    sounds like you could have depression. if you dont want to talk about what is going on with people who actually are with you, then you can use support sites like http://selfhelp.yuku.com i want to help you because i know how you feel. i have been there myself.

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