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WDYT of my top 10 girl and boy names?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.



1. Cassandra Rose "Cassie"

2. Allison Joanne "Alli"

3. Jennifer Louise "Jenny"

4. Claire Isabelle "Claire"

5. Katherine Sophia "Kate"

6. Sara Danielle "Sara"

7. Abigail Leah "Abby"

8. Hannah Marie "Hannah"

9. Julia Christine "Julie"

10. Olivia Michelle "Livvy"



1. Zachary David "Zach"

2. Adam Gabriel "Adam"

3. Samuel Patrick "Sam"

4. Andrew Michael "Andrew"

5. Robert Anthony "Rob"

6. Jonathan Caleb "Jon"

7. Evan Christopher "Evan"

8. Michael Brian "Michael"

9. Christopher Evan "Chris"

10. Matthew James "Matt"


You can rate, comment, or just tell me your favorite and least favorite names. The most detailed and thorough answer shall receive best answer and ten points!


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    1. Cassandra Rose "Cassie" -- I think Cassandra Rose is pretty but I HATE the nickname "Cassie"

    2. Allison Joanne "Alli" -- It seems very plain to me

    3. Jennifer Louise "Jenny" -- Again, seems plain

    4. Claire Isabelle "Claire" -- I like Claire a lot, Isabelle is becoming REALLY trendy right now which turns me off of it

    5. Katherine Sophia "Kate" -- I LOVE this one

    6. Sara Danielle "Sara" -- Very pretty

    7. Abigail Leah "Abby" -- I don't care for it

    8. Hannah Marie "Hannah" -- I LOVE Hannah, but I do not like Marie

    9. Julia Christine "Julie" -- Plain

    10. Olivia Michelle "Livvy"-- Plain


    1. Zachary David "Zach" -- I like Zachary, but with David it seems really common sounding

    2. Adam Gabriel "Adam"-- I do not like Adam (too common) but I LOVE Gabriel

    3. Samuel Patrick "Sam" -- Love it!

    4. Andrew Michael "Andrew"-- I'm over andrew at this point, buit I'm biased because there are a lot of Andrew's in my family.

    5. Robert Anthony "Rob" -- Really common sounding

    6. Jonathan Caleb "Jon"-- Common

    7. Evan Christopher "Evan"-- I like this one alot

    8. Michael Brian "Michael"-- common

    9. Christopher Evan "Chris" - nope, other way around sounds better

    10. Matthew James "Matt"-- very common

    So, in my opinion "common" and "plain" are not so good.

  • Robin
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    1. cute, although I prefer the nickname "Cass"

    2. cute, I prefer the spelling "Allie", I used to actually love that name but now I'm getting kind of sick of it

    3. my favorite of them all!

    4. not a fan

    5. okay, I prefer the nickname "Kat"

    6. ehh, I prefer the spelling "Sarah"

    7. I really like Leah, Abby is cute

    8. It's ok

    9. wth would you name her Julia but call her Julie? Julia Christine is nice though

    10. cute, I prefer just Olivia though or even the spelling "Livy"

    1. I like it

    2. I like Adam, Gabriel is ok

    3. it's ok, I like Patrick as a middle name

    4. I also used to love Andrew but now I'm sick of it. Michael is a nice name

    5. I like Rob

    6. I love than name, but I prefer Caleb over Jonathan so Caleb Jonathan

    7. slightly better than just ok

    8. doesn't sound good

    9. I prefer Evan Christopher

    10. it's ok, a tad too common

  • Girls:

    1. I don't like cassandra, i like rose, and cassie's okay

    2. i like allison, joanne is okay, and i prefer either ali or allie

    3. rele cute, but i like jenna instead of jenny

    4. love it

    5. it's okay, i like katie more

    6. i know sisters named danielle and sara, so that's all i think about when i see this name

    7. i don't like abigail leah, but i like abby

    8. too plain

    9. cute, but i dont like christine

    10. olivia's my favorite name, and i like livi better but it's still cute


    1. don't really like it

    2. i know a gabriel adams hahah. it's okay

    3. samuel's good, patrick's ehhh

    4. michael's my middle name, love it

    5. i like robert, but not anthony

    6. i just don't like caleb, but jon's cute

    7. i like evan, but not christopher

    8. love it

    9. same as 7

    10. i like james but not matt

    my two favorites are jennifer louise and andrew michael

    my two least favorites are abigail leah and zachary david

    hope i helped :)

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